2020 Book Bingo Reading

2020 Book Bingo Reading

I LOVE Tambola! I remember many Saturday evenings while growing up spent at the club with the granny & her cronies playing Tambola/ Housie & scuttling to get all my rows & columns & king’s & queen’s corner crossed out to win… preferably, a full house!

Do you remember your Tambola days? Do you still play it? (I do – love it – similar enthusiasm – I could be 12 years old if you saw me jumping anxiously & praying, and alternately cursing the person calling out the numbers! LOL!!!!)

I’d love to hear your stories – Leave me a comment below πŸ™‚

Totally excited to be part of The 2020 Book Bingo Reading Challenge hosted by the lovely Shinjini, The Modern Gypsy – check out the details here.

Here I will keep a track of what I read for each of these (Hoping to offcourse go for a full house on this one – let’s see!! P.S. I am being absolutely over-ambitious and this is my 3rd book reading challenge for 2020 that I am signing up for!! hehe!!)

Box 1.1: Dystopian World (urgh! I usually, almost-never, read this genre! suggestions?)

Box 1.2 : Found in Translation

Box 1.3: A book from last year’s TBR:

Box 1.4 : About the Woman

Box 1.5: Judged by the Cover

1 First Line Complete ???

Box 2.1: Movie Adaption

Box 2.2: A Book about Books

Box 2.3: In a Land far far away (Does Dharamshala count as far away?)

so on and on … soon….

Q Q1: Check-In Post : Here (soonish)

Do you have any book recommendations for me to help me cross off/ complete these boxes? Please leave me a comment below.


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  1. Totally enjoyed reading this post and I too love tambola ever so much! It’s one of my favourites and this chart will give me much clarity on how to book binge.

  2. Haha my mum gets as excited and enthusiastic as you. I however am not a tambola person. I like board games like chess, ludo, business game, crosswords etc. What other games do you like Isheeria?

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. I love tambola too. Bingo book reading challenge are always fun and exciting. It creates a vibrant reading life, and grasp good books. Great thoughts.

  4. This reading challenge seems really really fun! I hope you have a great time reading… I would suggest Sadhguru’s Midnights with the mystic… Not sure about the genre! πŸ™‚

  5. No I’ve never played tambola. Love the concept of book bingo. The books you have selected sounds intriguing and perfect to kick-start this challenge

  6. This was a super take me back to those days post . I love playing tambola but i really dont remember last when i played eit with frnds

  7. I love the playing Tambola,didnt know this concept about Bingo,thanks for always sharing your information.

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