5 easy ways to lose weight and easily shape up with #Namyaa

5 easy ways to lose weight and easily shape up with #Namyaa

2021 will be the year of breakthroughs I say!

I was reading somewhere that all it takes is ONE year to change your life, so make THIS YEAR that ONE year that you need to evolve and change your life.

One of my primary focuses this year, like I shared in my previous post here, is Health.

I, like most of us, have been at home, sitting and working (and eating), and have put on weight, especially around my mid-section and lower body!

In my research, I found five ways that seem to be easy enough to incorporate into our daily schedules which will help to tone and decrease the fat in the mid-section and lower body.

5 easy ways to reduce Lower Body Fat and tone and shape the bum and backside:

  1. The old and faithful exercises:

    Squats (and squats, and variations of squats), Running and High-intensity interval training (HIIT).
    These are excellent exercises for toning the body and squats especially help to shape the bum.
    The only thing to remember is that these exercises need to be done consistently (read: daily) with ample of repetitions (reps) for them to show any visible results (anytime soon).

To Persistent Work outs, also add Diet management to see results!

  • Food:
    Certain foods are excellent for a bigger bum! So if you are trying to shape up, then these are foods you too can consider cutting back on:
    Eggs (depends on the preparation)
    Starchy vegetables (like potatoes)

Essentially, cut back on carbohydrate and move away from processed foods

  • Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream for Lifting, plumping and firming the butt.
    Some extra help is most welcome, if you ask me! This one is especially for the ones who don’t really have the time to exercise and yet dreams of those perfectly shaped bums.

    This is an easy to apply lotion made of rare and certified ingredients (especially for contouring and firming the backside.
    It works by targeting the development of fatty tissues in that area. Enriched with caffeine, this bum lifting cream is also beneficial for areas that contain heavy fat like flabby arms, fatty shoulders etc.

This cream has been specially formulated with the natural goodness of Chamomile, Nutmeg, Macadamia seed oil etc.
It is an exceptional booty lift cream that is free from any kind of harsh metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, fertilizers or any kind of harmful additives.
Apply it twice a day for six weeks to see visible and best results from using this cream.
Available on Namyaa.in here and on flipkart.com here.

  • Stress
    We all are aware of the manifold harmful effects stress has on the body and mind and immune system. The results can easily be seen in the shape of one’s body and life.

    It is worth the time and effort to figure out what are your triggers, what stresses you out, and find ways to manage that.
    I have found that journaling, praying, eating on time, getting some fresh air (whether in the form of exercising or a simple and slow walk) and enough rest is essential in managing the stresses of daily life, and unexpected circumstances and situations.

    I find that feeling good about ourselves (and this includes our physical appearance) goes a long way in balancing out our emotions and stress levels.

  • Sleep
    The most important factor for overall health, is Sleep.
    Both the quality and quantity of sleep are inherently important.

    It is recommended that one gets between 7 to 9 hours of sleep.
    Deep sleep is a key differentiator in one’s overall health – both physical and mental.
    While we may do all the above 6 tips that I have shared, but if you are not sleeping enough, your entire body and mind will be working overtime just to keep you going!
    So, you need to figure out what you can do to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Whether it is a good mattress, a nice night lamp, some incense or soothing music or some form of de-stressing that you can do, find what works for you and will help you get not only ample of sleep in terms of hours, but also deep and sweet slumber!


Water intake is critical for your overall health.
I have found that, while 8 glasses of water intake is recommended, I personally do really well with 10-12 glasses of water everyday.
It helps me stay hydrated and feel satiated. I feel it is also great for flushing out the toxins and overall keeping my system running.

On a different note, I remember J.Lo gave us big-time hip goals! And the Namyaa Brazilian Bum Cream seems to be the answer to easily get a curvaceous backside! An excellent *look* no matter what our weight is!

namyaa icdreams

NOTE to Self –    sitting for extended periods of time and a sedentary lifestyle can result in a flat, and shapeless bum!

Happy getting back into shape!
Tune in as I share my journey to a healthier-fitter-and-shaper me in 2021!



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  1. This is such an amazing product especially for the moms who are worried of getting out of shape. Would definitely check this out for me.

  2. I heard a lot about this product. Namyaa is coming with some amazing and helpful products. Thanks for sharing honest review about the product

  3. This is really new to me. I had never heard about bum cream for losing weight before. I feel it is more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle ( diet and exercise). Namyya is great brand, I am sure they had put their best efforts to make this cream best,

  4. My biggest issue is sleep. I hope I can start sleeping better and I didn’t know about this cream, good to know about it.

  5. That’s so cool tips to get toned and attractive bums. It’s really helpful for me. Herbal products are really good and effective too.

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