#BarAThon – Three’s a Crowd

#BarAThon – Three’s a Crowd

The Welcome to Day 3 of #BarAThon with blogarhythm. Today’s Theme is: Three’s a Crowd.


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Three’s a Crowd is an often heard refrain, but in Life, I have found, THREE is a great number in:

Friendships – when you want to be quiet but not alone – It is great to be in a group of three friends.. you are relaxed but free of the burden of talking/ entertaining your friend.

Books – some of the most famous, popular and worthy of reading books come in a set of three – as a trilogy.

(however, I do agree, that sometimes, the author just tacks on a third book , trying to cash in on the popularity of the first two, and in that case three is definitely a crowd)

Spices – Salt and Pepper is the standard, but I always need a third – The Chat Masala 🙂


and then my favorite, the Rule of Threes

In Writing – A writing principle, which says that things which come in threes are funnier, more effective and satisfying than any other number – both as far as engaging the reader and overall readability is concerned.

In Maths – The Rule of Three is a Mathematical Rule that allows you to solve problems based on proportions. By having three numbers: a, b, c, such that, ( a / b = c / x), (i.e., a: b :: c: x ) you can calculate the unknown number.

(You know I had to throw in some numbers and maths 🙂 )

In Energy – The rule states any energy you put out into the world, return to you threefold!
(Just think, if you put out positive energy (through your thoughts and actions), how wonderful it will be when it returns to you times three).


which is your favorite set of three? or do you still believe, that three’s a crowd?




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  1. Three is never a crowd if all are on the same wavelength; I met 2 peeps who were known to me online and we bonded from the moment go!! The 4th person who also came for this meet, kept asking us we knew each other from before and didnt believe it when all three of us said no! This threesome is an awesome bunch of friends and we love being together whenever we get the time!

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