Friends Like Family #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk #FriendsLikeFamily

Friends Like Family #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk #FriendsLikeFamily


Life becomes interesting sometimes in the most unexpected ways!


Imagine my surprise and apprehension when I, an only child, was invited by Ila Verma to be part of the #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk Blogging train in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva with 34 talented bloggers.


Thank you Gurjeet for your fun post about your many siblings – A world which sounds like so much fun and introducing me on your blog post.

Do Check out the next post in this Blog Train by the lovely Silja, who is a designer by profession, and connects with people through her writings on her blog –


On to my story, I promise, it has a happy ending 😊

I am a typical extrovert (only) child – I will jump through every puddle, know every aunty and be friends with all pets in my vicinity!

I say AM, as I still AM pretty much the same.

I also have a talent for being invited when something yummy is being cooked, and am always offered Tea or Coffee, even in meetings where the Agenda clearly says, Water only! (ahem! Religious meetings 😉 )

Growing up, I was in and out of homes which overflowed with family members and siblings – but I was always, a guest, an outsider, a sweet pest of a child!

I always yearned for my own siblings – A sister and brother to play with, talk with, have secrets with! When my Aunt & Uncle moved in to live with us, along with their many children – I was overjoyed! Being the eldest, I automatically, wore the mantle of the responsible one & started planning to spend all my life playing and being with them! This was also the time I learnt to do chores for others (so far I’d been taught to take care & clean up after myself – now I learnt about taking care of younger ones).


Then came the Festival of Rakhi!

I woke up, all excited and dressed in a brand-new dress (I don’t remember what I wore, I just remember feeling all shiny & bright). I’d made a Rakhi myself, a first for me! (A DIY -Crafter I am not!) and stood in line to tie a Rakhi to my brother.

The Brother had a right wrist all decorated with Rakhis! And upon my turn, extended his left wrist to me, and said:  

“Right hand wrist is for my REAL sisters, all others can tie on my Left”

That was the last time I ever attempted to tie a Rakhi to anyone.



Friends Like Family icdreams


Since this incident eons ago, I have been fortunate to meet and befriend people, who have loved and cared and been there for me as a real sibling would have been!

I am blessed to have found in my friends, my family! #FriendsLikeFamily


This Blog Train has given me the wonderful opportunity to read the beautiful stories and cherished memories of many others, who have siblings by blood and heart, and their experiences have resonated with me!

I don’t need REAL siblings to have the experience of Caring Siblings – Friends are the family we choose, and I have chosen wonderfully well, thanks to God’s Grace!


Everytime I am sad or want to cry – I have a Friend I can call upon.

Everytime I am happy and cheerful – I have a Friend I can call upon.

Everytime I want to eat gol gappas ….. well, I just have to think it, and my phone rings!


You can read about the lovely Ila’s own #SiblingStories  here and check out the on-going series of other #SiblingStories here – I am sure you too shall re-live your own past shenanigans and fun times with all the #SiblingTalk! The train started on 7 October 2018 and will run till 9 Nov 2018.

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Sibling train icdreams


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  1. Loved your posts Ishieta…eyes turned moist on the Rakhi incident. The siblings both by blood and heart is a must to share sweet n sour experiences.
    #Siblingstories #Siblingtalks

  2. This is my first read at your space. Liked your reading style. “Friends are the family we choose, and I have chosen wonderfully well” Loved these lines.
    #Siblingtalks #Sibingstories

  3. I have three sisters but I also have a collection of sibling-friends… a few cherished sisters, as well as a most delightful brother. There is nothing better than sharing life with this extended family of friends.

  4. Somewhere i can relate myself with you. My ups & down because of elders misunderstanding never allowed me to celebrate rakhi with cousin siblings. So where situation teach me that true siblings are those who loves you & there for you…. it doesn’t means the people who comes in blood relation of somehow relatives. …

  5. What a warm and bubbly post Ish- this is just so like you! You get enthusiastic and happy about everything – a rare trait and I hope you experience more joy than grief through it 🙂

  6. This is such a heartwarming post. Growing up years couldn’t have been easy without sibblings. The small fights and the celebration of small success. Your post brought memories.

  7. A different perspective for the prompt. I love the way you have highlighted how friends also end up being family and are no less than a sibling.

  8. I could very well relate to ur brother also had right hand for us and other cousins used to tie on left..brothers are very possessive

  9. Didiiiiiii! My heart sank reading that right wrist left wrist part… I want to make a rakhi for you and tie it on your right hand coming raksha bandhan, because you are the best older sister!

  10. My eyes turned moist reading your article and it reminded me of a similar and never to forget incident with my cousin who refused to put his arm in front of me and said I’m not his REAL sister. I cried a lot and that incident left an imprint on my mind. I did not tie rakhi to any of my cousins since then. It’s is true that our friends can be our family’s important whom we are comfortable with and it doesn’t have to be blood relations.

  11. You really can find love like a sibling in friendsamy times and I feel lucky having both …you have so perfectly written

  12. Siblings are indeed friends you can depend upon, friends who are there when you need them, friends who will go out of their way to solve your problems… loved the post for expressing this truth honestly.

  13. I love the way you have expressed your thoughts . Friends is not just a family, its a bond which makes you feel stronger. Your story have touched my heart. Keep posting such beautiful articles.

  14. Siblings are our first friends and we create some really special memories with them. I do agree with you that good friends have the power to be family too.

  15. Sweetness overload, just like you. I read somewhere as a child, God gave us relatives, thank god we could chose our friends”

    Ha ha! So good to be here on your blog after aeons. <3

  16. oh I felt so bad when the left hand was thrusted towards u. But u r one lucky soul who have good friends to give u company whenever needed.

  17. That’s a beautiful post about looking family in friends. I too agree that sometimes our friends who are very close becomes like our family.

  18. I completely agree. When you have friends who are like siblings, you dont need anyone else. Good friends are like family.

  19. Loved the pop
    st it was just amazing, I was soooo able to relate with the same, and yes sometimes friends do feel as of they are the family, loved each and every point mentioned thank you for sharing

  20. Loved the post it was just amazing, I was soooo able to relate with the same, and yes sometimes friends do feel as of they are the family, loved each and every point mentioned thank you for sharing

  21. While having siblings is great, having wonderful friends is like getting to choose your siblings. I’m glad that you have friends like those. The Rakhi incident is quite touching. And I know exactly how it hurts

  22. I had a smile on my face through out while I was reading this post. Very well drafted post. From missing your sibling to finding them in your friends, I loved the way you expressed your feelings.

  23. oh that was quite a saddening experience that happened with on rakhi but glad that you found friends that are more than siblings.

  24. That was a wonderful post by you. Felt sorry for the person who did’nt understand the meaning to have siblings. Though hands dont matter while tieing rakhi, the concern for each other is the thing that matter. If he really cares for you, he will come back else as you said, you have better friends who are more than siblings.

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