Book Review – Rom Com “How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” by Jenny Proctor

Book Review – Rom Com “How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” by Jenny Proctor

Jenny Proctor’s “How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” is a delightful romantic comedy that adds a fresh twist to the classic romance trope. Set in the bustling corporate world, this novel takes readers on a hilarious journey filled with witty banter, unexpected romance, and heart-warming moments.

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About the Book

Lila is trying to piece her life together, one small step at a time. When she takes up a new job as an assistant to the Perry Hawthorne, she isn’t prepared to handle her fluttering heart.

Perry manages a family-run farm and event center, and comes across as a rather grumpy boss. When Lila – a single mother – takes charge as his assistant, he can’t ignore the wonderful person that she is. But ever since his messy divorce, he has learnt to keep his distance from love.

With time, Lila notices how warm and approachable Perry actually is! Especially with her five-year-old son, Jack. And with her? Let’s just say the chemistry crackling between them might vaporize all her reasons for staying away from him.

How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss is a charming romantic comedy, that will make you believe in love, once again.

Book Review - Rom Com "How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss" by Jenny Proctor a delightful story of believing in love again.

Proctor skilfully crafts dynamic and relatable characters that drive the narrative forward. Lila is a lovable and resilient protagonist whose wit and charm make her instantly endearing to readers. Her determination to succeed in the face of adversity is both inspiring and relatable. Perry, on the other hand, initially comes off as the quintessential grumpy boss, but as the story unfolds, layers of his character are peeled back to reveal a vulnerable and surprisingly charming individual.

One of the highlights of the novel is the witty and flirtatious banter between the characters. The interactions with the child, Jack are heart-warming and sweet.

Proctor’s dialogue crackles with energy, keeping readers engaged and entertained throughout. The slow-burning romance between the two protagonists is both heart-warming and believable, making every interaction between them a delight to read.

Moreover, Proctor’s writing is infused with humor and warmth, making “How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” a perfect feel-good read. From laugh-out-loud moments to tender exchanges, the novel strikes a perfect balance between comedy and romance. Also, there’s a pig right in the first few pages that sets off the bedlam.

“How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” is a charming and feel-good read that will leave readers smiling from ear to ear. With its witty dialogue, engaging characters, and heart-warming romance, Jenny Proctor delivers a delightful tale that is sure to capture the hearts of readers everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of drama and well-written exchanges or simply enjoy a good romantic comedy, this book is a must-read.

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  1. Seems so like my kinda read. I loved these feel-good romances until I grew up! But I have never outgrown them. I am surely gonna get this book: How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss. The flirtation sounds fun to read.

  2. The book seems to be in the classic romance mould. I like this genre and going by your review seems quite interesting, with a roller coaster of emotions involved.

  3. After reading the title of the book I was like.. What????? Love it totally and would love to read such light hearted romcom book. I love cute love stories and I am sure this book is an apt example of that.

  4. A perfect book for me. I thrive on romance and this is the classic boss-employee romance. I grew up on a regular diet of Mills and Boons and have never outgrown them. This book,How to kiss your grumpy boss, is right up my alley. Thank you for the review, will surely get my hands on it.

  5. Dunno why, but the excerpt instantly reminded me of Jerry Maguire. This sounds like a feel-good book with an ample dose of romance and a happy ending. A fun read.

  6. This is one of the books I am looking forward to read this month.
    Jenny Proctor’s charming and captivating romantic comedy “How to Kiss Your Grumpy Boss” delves into the developing connection between Perry, a grumpy and divorced employer, and Lila, his virtual assistant who also happens to be a single mother. The Hawthorne family farm provides a picturesque setting for this narrative, which explores themes of love, vulnerability, and second chances. Lila, the protagonist of the story, begins serving as Perry’s virtual assistant. There’s electricity between them even with Perry’s sour attitude. These are all I wanted to convey after I finished reading your post, and got to gather from my bookish chums.

  7. Books that bring smile in your face and gives hope in love are always welcoming. Thanks for introducing this book to us.

  8. The title of book was like …huh huh seriously!! This seems really fun book to grab and read! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. This seems to be an amazing feel good read. I love romantic novels and this definitely seems to be a good one after a long time. Will check this out

  10. This is not my genre so I may not be able to pick this book up but your review is wonderful. You gave the plot and your favorites so aptly that one might pick this up for sure.

  11. The title is interesting and so is the plot. I liked the way you have reviewed it. Although I’m not a fan of this genre, I would pick this up for a light feel good read.

  12. The plot seems interesting. Through that not an easy to go kinda read but your review is really attractive. I must try to add this to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing.

  13. The title is funny. The first look at the title got me laughing. Hope you had a good time reading. I’m gonna add this to my tbr. Your review is simple and attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  14. While I am a voracious reader myself, romcom is not my genre to read. However I have a book club where I get people asking for romcom recommendations and I am surely gonna ask them to check this book out.

  15. The title caught my attention, and so did the storyline. I liked how you described it. Even though I don’t usually like this type of story, I might read it for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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