#MainChurailHoon – Review of Churails, a new WOMEN detective series on #ZEE5

#MainChurailHoon – Review of Churails, a new WOMEN detective series on #ZEE5


Churails is is a ZEE5 Exclusive Zindagi Original series – The latest show on ZEE5.com that has everyone talking!

This is one of the offerings from the ZEE5 Club I told you about last week. I purchased the economical subscription just in time for the release of this series.

Source: ZEE5.com

The Show

The show, directed by Asim Abbasi, brings together actresses Sarwat Gilani, Yasra Rizvi, Mehar Bano and Nimra Bucha, playing the characters of four women from very different backgrounds – an ex-lawyer/housewife, a wedding planner, a boxer and a, ex-convict, and they are supported by a strong case of actors – each bringing in a layer, another angle to the story.

The Story

It is a quick series with only 10 episodes in Season One. I, for one, watched it in one go! Saturday evening well spent!

The story brings together the four protagonists in quite an unlikely sequence of events, and what is venting and tears after one drink too many of women who have almost lost everything, finds itself in the morning, met with hard determination of women who have nothing to lose! A.K.A #MainChurailHoon

The Result?

The establishment of a clothing shop run jointly by these four, called Halal Designs – A Designer Burqa shop.

What’s really going on?

Well, they form a secret detective agency, called Churails, with the tagline ‘Mard ko Dard Hoga’, with the purpose of helping women who are being abused and/or cheated upon.

The #MainChurailHoon women detective gang find creative ways of investigating and bringing the men to kneel the line!

MainChurailHoon Review of Churails on ICDreams
Source: ZEE5.com

What about Romance?

I firmly believe that a story does NOT need romance to be complete. However, the Love stories in this series are interesting, and very much a part of the narrative.

Also, in such a short series, they have covered a wide range of relationships and have done justice to it –

A young couple, a married couple, a separated couple, a lesbian couple and an almost couple (pretty much my favorite play of chemistry)!

 Where is All this happening?

While I have never watched any Pakistani series until this one ((except for the one off episode with Fawad Khan, for, but obvious reasons 😊 )), I am quite amazed by the universal experience of life they have portrayed  – This series could have easily been set in any country, any state! Unless you are told that this is set in Pakistan, you could easily mistake it for any other over-populated – regressive society!

And no detective story is complete without?

A kidnapping, and a culprit much closer to home than expected!

Check out the series to know what happened, and the more interestingly, WHY it happened. The back story is such an insight into the way the human psyche is built upon.

Source: ZEE5.com

Girl Talk: This series was an insight into Pakistani design and dressing and the modern sensibility. It was interesting how similar their way of dressing, living, talking and even partying is!

Have you seen this series? What did you like about this series, which made you go, #MainChurailHoon 😊

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  1. Churails has touched the harsh reality of the society. The mindset of people needs to be changed and shows like these may throw some light and let people think these topics that are not discussed often.

  2. So this was your first Pakistani Serial watch, must have been a huge surprise! Pakistani serials are usually very gentle, Churails has just decided to set another bar. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  3. This is one of the most trending shows on ZEE5 and I just can’t afford to miss so this weekend I am going to watch this amazing storyline!!

  4. Seems like an interesting and hard hitting series. I like that it brings some important issues to light which need to addressed the world over. Will check it out. Thanks for your recommendation.

  5. ZEE5 has some great shows and this one too looks quite promising and interesting. Will definitely see and recommend it to my friends as well.

  6. As many are saying this Pakistani show is a surprise, well, I’m very curious about it and wish to watch it as soon as possible. The subscription is acting weird but once I’m done with it, I’m surely watching this show first.

  7. Indeed director has treated the different plots very beautifully and message of this women centric drama is profound and hard hitting. With strong story line and powerful performance it’s Indeed a binge watch

  8. Eventually, I read a lot of reviews of this web series today and now I am assuming that I am watching this. Characters, the story line up is up to mark.

  9. Ever since I heard a lot of reviews about this series, I have been wanting to watch this series. It seems like it has got every women hooked to the series. I am definitely watching it tomorrow.
    And the edited creative looks fabulous!

  10. Churail is the most trending show on Zee5 right now. It is showing the harsh reality of our society. A must watch I will say .

  11. I have not seen this web series Churails on ZEE5 but it looks to be an interesting plot. 4 ladies doing a detective job for other women.. wow.

  12. I just loved the plot of this series and how it has strong women characters. Also, the fact that it’s shot in Pakistan makes it even more interesting, I have loved watching some of the Pakistani shows earlier on Zindagi.

  13. I am hearing some really good words about the show recently, even a friend too talked about it making me look for more online. now I am definitely looking forward to watch it this weekend

  14. Quite surprising to see our image of Pakistan changed with this series. This modern and gripping take with woman protagonists is definitely worth watching.

  15. I have been pretty impressed by this show. Such a powerful one with a deep message, breaking all the stereotypes. We need more such shows for impactful ‘entertainment’

  16. I love this show and would definitely recommend it to every women
    A great story, amazing acting and best screenplay. Thanks ZEE5 to bring this strong series to our homes.

  17. I am enjoying such series on ZEE5 ott platform. It talks and shows some hidden topics that women face but are not able to speak up and save themselves from it.

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