Misters Kuru – Return to Mahabharata – Book Review

Misters Kuru – Return to Mahabharata – Book Review


I have always been fascinated with the mythological stories, especially The Mahabharata is an oft narrated tale.

I remember many a Sunday mornings growing up, which were spent watching The Mahabharata with the family and immersing ourselves in the storyline, and then never thinking much of it, because our own lives were so far apart, and this tale too fantastical.

Last weekend, I came across the book Misters Kuru: A Return to Mahabharata by Trisha Das, Published by Harper Collins – A modern day take on the characters of Mahabharata and what their lives would be like in today’s world!

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The beginning was a bit of a revelation for me, for in whatever avatar I could have imagined the characters of Mahabharata, I could not have envisioned this story.

The vision and vibrancy that the author Trisha Das brings to the characters and the tale is quite refreshing and have me laughing out loud in places.

Some aspects of the story were a little more risqué than I like to read, and some a little more throwback to the narrow definitions of a woman’s role and a man’s luxuries – neither something that any of us, I am certain, in today’s day and age would agree on. This big of angst in the old fashioned patterns of thinking of the men, and the new-age approach to life by the women brings forth an interesting plot, full of circumstantial humour and twists and turns in the story.

It is interesting how the women return to earth, forfeiting heaven, to re-live a life on their terms, to correct their wrong doings from the past, to become, who they truly want to be, and not live in the constricted roles from the times of the original Mahabharata, which, as I read this book, I realized, had a very defined and limiting scope of the role the women could play and the life they could lead – the life portrayed was something, we just accepted as youngsters when we saw the Mahabharata for the first time.

I also really enjoyed reading about Draupadi and the new life she created – right from her work, her toys, her dresses, right down to her heels!

The fact that the mother figure made such a bold choice is something I applaud, as in correcting her one wrong, she does so much more good – definitely a note we can all take – to do something larger than just ourselves.

The last point of my review, about the very first thing I notice in a book – its cover!

The Misters Kuru A Return to Mahabharata Trisha Das ICDreams book review

This book has a quirky cover, in line with the storyline and style! Vibrant colors and caricature which invites you into the humorous read.

 A fun read over a weekend to take a spin down a new tale – don’t relate it to the original, but rather like a new janam/ story of those characters reborn – and you will certainly enjoy the quirks of the tale.

One tiny thing to keep in mind is, a part of the story play relies on your knowledge of the original Mahabharata, and that does add to the landing of the story. However, you could read it still, and laugh just as hard as I did!

Happy Reading!



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 The book is available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format – Do check it out for a fun weekend read!

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  1. Yes I also have plenty of beautiful memories of watching Mahabharat with family, during childhood days. the plot of this book sounds interesting and unique to me. would love to give this a try. thanks a lot for sharing your honest review.

  2. This is the second time I’m reading a review of this novel. O do find it intriguing and would love to check it out!

  3. Wow, thanks for refreshing the sweet memories of the Mahabharata days. So many good reviews of Misters- Kuru Book encouraging me to grab my copy soon. Eagerly waiting to read about the modern Draupadi and Pandavas return on earth. I will check it out on Amazon.

  4. This book is indeed a quirky and unusual take on the epic Mahabharata. It seems to be an interesting read and would love to see how the mythological characters behave in their new age avatars. Sandy N Vyjay

  5. Wow
    Mahabharata with a twist. Starting with the name then the cover page and how the author has given a new perspective. This all sounds very interesting

  6. The quirky cover of this caught my immediate attention. This seems to be awesome read, after going through your review and couple of other bloggers I guess I should get a copy for myself soon

  7. This book caught my attention because of its cover, and I really want to read this. Your review is so honest and now I am ready to grab my copy!!

  8. As you said we have a lot of memories about listening to Mahabharata as a child. But of late a lot of retelling are surfacing , which brings a new perspective to the characters. This book seems like a quirky adaptation.

  9. I myself have been a fan of mythology and Mahabharata. In my childhood had very seriously seen all the episodes with family. But now with the whole retelling of Mahabharata in a new way is quite cool. would love to read this.

  10. The book seems quite intriguing and the characters set on Mahabharat is quite fascinating to read but at times we are so immersed in the charcters of Mahabharat that it becomes difficult to see them in different shape and thoughts.

  11. I’ve watch the Mahabharat in my childhood. This sounds like a quirk and entertaining read. Would love to check out

  12. I have heard about this book and now I am intrigued to read it. The whole plot of the book is very interesting

  13. What an interesting storyline! I have loved Mahabharata and Ramayana while growing up and it will be nice to read a book based on Mahabharata. I will pick this up.

  14. I’m not a huge fan of spiritual stories. The story is full of agony, love, and struggle. The language is simple and plot is fast paced.

  15. I’m not an avid book reader but I can certainly recommend this one to my friends and family. I love the quirky book cover. And going by your review, it certainly seems like a good read 🙂

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