More Things in Heaven and Earth – Kiran Manral

More Things in Heaven and Earth – Kiran Manral

There are some books that bring in a deeper understanding and more thoughts to think on their second reading -More Things in Heaven and Earth is a book like that.
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Book Description


The Book Cover

I was intrigued by the cover of this book, and that is what got me to pick it up and read the blurb.
It evokes a sense of mystery and emotions and a vibrancy – pretty much how the story actually turned out to be!

My Review and Thoughts on: More Things in Heaven and Earth

The book is about the sensitive topic of loss. It is written with poignancy, finesse and a light hand for a subject that can be deeply upsetting for a reader. The story delves into themes like love, relationships, death and grief, all cooking atop secrets in a complicated family. Her descriptions are vivid and bring the plot and places to life.

The story is about Kamla, who is devastated when her husband suddenly dies. We then follow Kamla’s journey to get closure on his death, as she travels to different places – geographically, and mentally.
There is also a parallel story being told of her as a child – flashbacks that added depth to the characters. Add to that hallucinations, obsessions, a mystery and an unexpected twist that I did not see coming!

I recommend this book if you are looking for a thriller that takes you on a journey through loss, emotional turmoil and twists of the mind and people.

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  1. What a compelling review of “More Things in Heaven and Earth” by Kiran Manral! The way you delved into the intricacies of the characters and the exploration of themes such as grief, love, and redemption truly paints a vivid picture of the book’s depth and emotional resonance.
    After reading this review, I’m eager to pick up a copy and immerse myself in this captivating story. Well done on capturing the essence of the book so eloquently!

  2. thank you for suggesting “More Things in Heaven and Earth.” Even though I hadn’t heard of it before, your review fascinated me. The way you described the book’s handling of loss and its unexpected twists really caught my interest.

  3. I like the cover too. And from your review it indeed looks like a thrilling, page-turner. What is your rating on a scale of 5 for this book?

  4. Sounds like an interesting read and the story line is quite intriguing. Your review is brilliant too… to the point yet just enough to arouse curiosity. However(unlike you), although it suits the story, I didn’t like the cover as much.

  5. Well while reading the review from the initial segment I thought that this will be a story of relationships and loss only, but then we are proceed I got a flavour of sci-fic where Kamal travelling geographically and mentally to get in depth of the connections of her husbands death, then again you spoke about a childhood flash back and a thriller angal and so I believe its a very interesting book and I should give it a read. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. I like Kiran’s way of writing and have read couple of her books too. After reading the review, I can say that I’m going to like this book as well. Ordering my copy now!

  7. I agree, the cover is so captivating, and its great to hear that the story lives up to the intrigue it promises. Good to hear author handled such sensitive topic with grace and depth. Hope its not heavy read for me … I will surely give it a try.

  8. My interest was piqued till the time you mentioned ‘horror’ and then I was automatically like “not for me”. Nonetheless you’ve reviewed the book quite well. Who knows in the future I might not be so averse to horror and decide to pick it up. And if I do it will purely be to know what happened to Kamala and her quest for Nihar. Also, of course the gorgeous cover just like you

  9. Intresting storyline. Kamlas journey is quite intriguing. But I fear to read such horror stories. Your review is upto the point and make readers intriguing. But the cover of the book is not matcyto the story line .

  10. I have read Kiran Manral but a thriller//not my genre any more. Your review is intriguing but I have so much grief and loss in my life that I refrain from reading or watching anything remotely sad.

  11. I am a big fan of thriller and this book sounds unique and intriguing . Love obsession and betrayal and what exists between life and death would be an interesting read . Thanks for this compelling review. Will grab my copy soon.

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