How to be a Lazy Reader & 6 tips to Conquer Your TBR Pile

How to be a Lazy Reader & 6 tips to Conquer Your TBR Pile

I love books, and my TBR Pile is now taller than me 5X! I am also lazy, and identify as a lazy reader.
I do not fill all my time with things I should be doing, nor do I spend all my free time reading, as much as I may like to.
I also live a real life, where I have to work, make tea and do my laundry – sadly! unlike the stories where one gets a wand to do all the housework and there are no offices! which translates to limited free time and lots of dreamy wonderful books on my TBR!

Here are my 6 tips to conquer your TBR Pile & feel good about it

first things first,

The Power of the Preview: Why Judging a Book by Its Cover Can Be Productive

Forget the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Lazy readers know that the cover, title, and summary can tell you a lot about a book. By mastering the art of the preview, you can quickly assess whether a book aligns with your interests and needs, and therefore, whether it is something that YOU would want to read.
This was one important lesson for me to learn – as I get carried away with book tubers and recommendations from friends and other readers, and keep adding to my list – and then I get overwhelmed when I see my TBR Pile!

The Art of Quitting: Ditch the Guilt and Abandon Uninspiring Reads

Taking the first step further, as a Lazy reader, you need to master the art of quitting‚ÄĒa liberating skill that allows you to abandon books that fails to engage you. Time is too precious to waste on books that don’t spark joy or offer valuable insights. And it is time to let go of that guilt for DNF’ing a book.
(DNF = Did not finish).

Audiobooks and Podcasts: Lazy Reading for the Multitasker

Lazy reading doesn’t always involve physical books. Thanks to Technology Audiobooks and podcasts offer a convenient way to absorb information while multitasking‚ÄĒwhether you’re commuting, exercising, or doing household chores, listening to an audio book is a great companion.

Embrace the Power of Summaries

Why read the entire book when you can get the gist of it in a fraction of the time?
Summaries are a lazy reader’s best friend, offering concise insights into the main ideas and key takeaways without the need to wade through hundreds of pages.
This works very well with Non-Fiction books, especially if you, like me, need to read business books!
I do read 2-3 book summaries to get an overview of the concepts of the book and its applications. Yes, then if the book seems to have a lot of gems, then I do read the complete book. However, I have found that a lot of the business books, and even self-help books are usually re-mix and re-churn of earlier and older concepts and ideas.

tips to conquer your reading pile as a lazy reader
My Favorite way to be – Being lazy and reading on my favorite couch!

Looking for more tips to read more? Check out my post on: 5 Fun and Practical Tips to Stay on Top of Your Reading Habit

Now this may be a bit of blasphemy, but –

Selective Reading: Embrace the Freedom to Skip Chapters

Lazy readers know that not every chapter is created equal. Feel free to skip around and read what interests you most. This selective approach allows you to tailor your reading experience to your preferences. It also helps keep boredom away, and increase your time actually spent reading the book.


Embrace the Freedom of Choice

Why limit yourself to a single genre or author? Lazy readers revel in the freedom to choose books impulsively, based on mood, whim, or recommendation. We can embrace our lazy time and pick the book which appeals to us in that moment – since we are not quote-unquote, serious readers, we can have fun with our choices and what we read at any given time when we sit down to read.

To be clear, Becoming a lazy reader isn’t about neglecting the pleasure of reading or sacrificing knowledge – rather, it’s a more flexible and forgiving approach that allows you to navigate the vast piles of books towering in your house and using up 79% of your Kindle’s memory.
Embrace these lazy reading techniques, and you’ll find yourself conquering your reading list with newfound ease and enjoyment.

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  1. I was feeling overwhelmed after picking up one book every month to read and some more additional books I picked during the book fair and some sponsored book reviews too, this was much needed.

  2. I couldn’t see any tips on your post. Have they gotten deleted by mistake? I’m not sharing the post too for the same reason. Could you please check?

  3. Your tip of reading the summary work very well. I am also a lazy reader. Sometimes I am highly motivated and sometimes not at that time I used to read summary that will guide me to read or not the whole book

  4. I understand the struggle of wanting to read more books but lacking the motivation or energy to do so. Remember, reading should be an enjoyable and enriching experience, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not reading as much as you’d like.

  5. Ok so I want to be honest with you, I am sometimes a lazy reader and sometimes a fast reader completing books after books. These tips are useful for ppl like me

  6. Short Crisp and to the point post which I am sure many will relate. I can understand your point of view as once I experienced that time but with time I ensure what I buy or get I complete that before jumping to another to add in my TBR. So try this I think you will love it.

  7. Hey. The topic is so interesting especially for me being a working mom, and a blogger to remove time to complete by ever increasing TBR. But…I couldnt see your complete blog and the 6 tips other than the introduction. I don’t think it is my internet connection, could you please recheck your post.

  8. thank god!! you have said it… judging a book by book cover never goes wrong with me and I ditch the books that do not appeal to me.

  9. Wow.. Thanks a lot.. I needed this validation, I used to feel guilty going all of these but I swear these tips are great and people should follow to make every read worth a read.

  10. Nice post. Youve put acroos your thoughts in a smart way n i liked that. I hadnt thought much about a lazy reader but now I know so many possibilities.

    Btw, I haven’t had a TBR in the longest time cuz I haven’t been reading at all of late .I want to get back to reading but it just isn’t happening. What category do I fall into?

  11. Oh I’m all for lazy reading. Life’s too short to spend on unappealing books or reccos that don’t work for me. Took some effort but now I can leave a book halfway if ita not good. Haven’t explored audiobooks yet though.

  12. Oh, this post came at the right time. I feel I’ve become a lazy reader as I find it extremely difficult to finish one book even in 6 months. I always felt that leaving a book or skipping chapters even if they are uninspiring or boring is like committing a sin. But that’s for these tips, I’m going to try these out now.

  13. Oh, I definitely judge a book by its cover and am not even guilty about it. As an avid reader with a constantly¬†growing TBR, this is a habit I’ve learned to embrace whole-heartedly. I am sometimes a lazy reader too, but even when I’m not one, I’ve learnt to DNF books for my own peace of mind and am slowly also learning not to feel guilty¬†about it. Lol! That summary part was something I did so much in my academic life. And yes, as you said, I find most non-fiction books just a re-mix and re-churn of earlier and older concepts and ideas. Skipping chapters¬†is something I’m unable to bring myself¬†to do just yet. This was a fun and relatable read.¬†Hey, by the way, can I add one more tip to this list? It’s a habit I’ve developed over the past few years (since 2020) which is to chuck the book based on the number of pages. If any book is beyond 300+ pages, especially in a tightly scheduled month, it goes off my reading¬†list.¬†

  14. I agree about choosing the books you want to read. There will always be books left to read and as long as we are comfortable with that, it is okay. Otherwise, the list gets unending.

  15. I have a big pile of TBR and I would not tern myself a lazy reader. But I do love the tips shared here that will help anyone complete the books on the TBR.

  16. Love you tips. Being a lazy reader myself, thses simple tricks are a game changer. Thanks for making this reading journey a bit more laid back and enjoyable. L9ved your first inage.

  17. Haha.. So relatable.
    I’m a lazy reader and at times I stop reading halfway. This is such a help to do it smartly.

  18. Reading this I realised that I can never be a lazy reader because I seem to do everything opposite! I completely get immersed in the books I read and they stay with me for a while after finishing my book.

  19. I am too a lazy reader. I always have a never ending Tbr. Your tips are so helpful in choosing what to read and what not to read or setting up your priority.

  20. I haven’t tried many of those (except for giving up on books I don’t like!) but I do speed read portions to get through a book faster.

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