5 Fun and Practical Tips to Stay on Top of Your Reading Habit

5 Fun and Practical Tips to Stay on Top of Your Reading Habit

Are you tired of those half-finished books gathering dust on your shelf?
Do you wish you could read more but find it hard to stay consistent?

Well, you’re not alone! I am right there with you – I myself truly want to call myself a reader, however, on most days I struggle to make reading a part of my life – until I realized that –
Maintaining a reading habit can be challenging (we all have experienced that), but with a few practical strategies and some fun twists, you can make reading a regular part of your life.

tips to read more reading habit

Here are five helpful tips to help you stay on top of your reading habit.

1. Set Realistic Goals with a Reading Challenge

Setting achievable reading goals can turn your reading habit into an exciting challenge. Start by setting a monthly or yearly target for the number of books you want to read. Make it realistic; don’t overwhelm yourself. Remember, quality matters more than quantity.

A great twist to this tip is to turn it into a friendly competition with friends or family. Create a reading challenge group where you all set goals, share book recommendations and celebrate your successes together. This adds a fun, social element to your reading habit.

Or, if you dont want to ‘people’ it so much, then just go ahead and sign up for a Goodreads account and put in your goal, and track it there.

2. Create a Reading Nook or Routine

Designate a comfortable reading space, or a “reading nook,” in your home. Fill it with cozy blankets, a comfortable chair, and good lighting. Having a dedicated space for reading can make it more appealing and help you stay committed to your habit.
Looing for inspiration – Pinterest is my go-to for decor ideas.

Additionally, establish a reading routine. Whether it’s reading for 20 minutes before bed or during your daily commute, having a set time for reading can make it feel like a natural part of your day.

3. Diversify Your Reading List

Sometimes, a lack of interest in reading can stem from a monotonous selection of books. Spice things up by diversifying your reading list. Explore different genres, authors, and styles. Join a book club or an online reading community, or check out the bookyoutubbers (Youtube) and bookstagrammers (Instagram) or book reviews on blogs to discover new titles and broaden your horizons.

To make this even more enjoyable, create a “reading bingo” card with different genres or types of books you want to read. Each time you finish one, cross it off your card. You can reward yourself when you complete a row or column!

One of my favorites every year is the Book Bingo reading challenge by Modern Gypsy which I draw ideas from every year for my own reading lists.

Looking for Tips to conquer your reading pile? Even if you are a lazy reader (like me)? Read my 6 tips to feel good about reading more!

4. Embrace Audiobooks and E-Readers

In today’s digital age, you don’t have to limit your reading to physical books. Audiobooks and e-readers can be a game-changer for your reading habit. They allow you to “read” while doing other tasks like commuting, exercising, or cooking. Or simply, make it easy to access and start reading any book of your choice.
My own experience has been that my e-reader (this is the one I use) was the kindest thing I have ever done for my eyes. and my reading game!

For added fun, consider listening to audiobooks narrated by your favorite actors or authors. It can bring a new dimension to the storytelling experience, not to mention that you can be listening to a book while doing your chores.

5. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for reaching your reading goals or sticking to your reading routine. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; a small treat like a favorite snack or a new bookmark can do the trick. Or my favorite trear – more books 🙂
The key is to associate positive feelings with your reading habit.

For an extra twist, create a “book-themed” rewards system. For example, if you finish a certain number of books, treat yourself to a movie adaptation night with friends or a themed dinner based on a book you loved. Or, buy more books on that genre/theme.

Remember, reading should be an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. These strategies have helped me keep up with a reading habit and made it more fun and sustainable.

So, go ahead and embark on your reading adventure with these strategies, and watch your reading habit flourish! Happy reading!

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  1. I like the calendar for the Book Bingo readign challenge. Is it open to anyone? I do keep realistic goals, I kept 24 books this year and have managed to read 32 till now. I have also begun to enjoy audio books, which I found on Spotify and YouTube. My reading corner is not decided though, as I tend to fall asleep if too comfy.

  2. I am an avid reader but I don’t read anything, I only pick my favorite reads because reading whatever comes to my attention feels like diverting my mind to something that doesn’t serve to my purpose. As you said, I also believe in having a reading nook but unfortunately I don’t have it in our house due to lack of space. A spacious house will definitely have a dedicated corner. I make my bed my reading nook and delve in the empire of books.

  3. Setting realistic goals with a reading challenge is a fantastic way to transform reading into an exciting journey. Your suggestion of turning it into a friendly competition with friends or family infuses a sense of camaraderie and motivation. For those seeking a more personal approach, your recommendation to use platforms like Goodreads to track progress ensures an organized and fulfilling reading challenge.

    Creating a dedicated reading nook or routine adds an element of coziness and consistency to the reading experience. Your pointers on designing a comfortable space and establishing a reading routine are bound to make reading feel like a natural part of one’s daily life.

  4. Great pointers, having a dedicated reading corner and a space is very important though I have quite a few places as I do get bored sitting at one place for a log but it is very important. I also try picking different genres to bring variety in my reading to keep me going.

  5. This is exactly what I need, haven’t touched a book for months now. I miss my reading days, and out of everything, reading takes a backseat. I am going to apply these tips and resume my half-read books.

  6. Nice points you made for regular reading. I maintain a habit tracker, which I tick every night before going to bed. That helps me with reading everyday, plus being a book reviewer, I always have loads of reading to catch up.

  7. if you know me, you know that I am an ardent reader. I have my own book club where we discuss books with our readers and also encourage who are in a reading slum to get back to reading. I love to et reading goals and I keep it very realistic as being a mom of two, it’s difficult to give time to reading what I would have loved to otherwise. But yes, I read on a daily basis as a habit.

  8. I personally think that an activity like reading should be calming and supposed to slow you down, as a means of diversion or entertainment. I like your ideas here, especially the bingo, but personally, of reading 1 book takes me a year, I’m ok with it

  9. With life getting hectic and busy I missed my own reading schedule. Something that was so important to me every day got lost. But I guess setting realistic goals as suggested by you will truly help in reading on a regular basis. Also, I would like to adopt to audiobooks as that will help meet my reading goals.

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