#BarAThon – Lesser of Two Evils

#BarAThon – Lesser of Two Evils

Welcome to Day 2 of #BarAThon with blogarhythm. Today’s Theme is: Lesser of Two Evils


The lesser of two evils barathon blogarhythm icdreams


This prompt has me wondering, and I hope you will weigh in too –

given a choice between:

Giving up on something which you know shall not come to pass (shall not yield your result), and accepting the tag of ‘failure’/’defeat’/ ‘etc’


Continuing to pursue a path, despite the knowledge of certain defeat, only so that you are not labeled some unsavory thing by the world, and most importantly, by your own mind.


Which of the lesser of the two evils would you choose? and why?

and, which of these two, is the lesser of the two evils?



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  1. Intersting tackle to the challenge Ish and you have posed two very deadly options here. I am not sure I would take either as is.

    In the first case, only if I am sure that I am banging against a dead wall, I quit it but will re-assess my situation and if it can be tackled in any other way.
    In the second case I will pursue it if it brings me mental peace to do so – I dont care what the world calls me; only to satisfy my inner child will I still pursue it.

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