Outside my Window #wordsmatter

Outside my Window #wordsmatter

There is a tribe that exists…. One that reminders me that #wordsmatter … Come join us for a monthly blog hop with Corinne , Shalini and Parul.

On to my words….

When we moved into this home, I choose the smallest room (for those of you who know us, know that the pups have the second largest room – that’s how the priority is set in our family! I love love love our dogs and love doing up their room! P.S. they have large windows up high in the walls – 3 sides of them!
Just picture the dogs sitting on their colourful blankets with the sun streaming in – ahh, the bliss to see them sleep without a care in the world!) …

aah…well, I digress …. Back to my tiny room…. My room has the best feature…. A large floor to almost ceiling (well, upto the Air conditioner) WINDOW! And this Window is well, my window into the world outside!

This window is perfect for me… On my Introvert days, outside my window is the view of our garden with trees growing wild … I could well be living inside a hut in the middle of a forest!
I just open my windows wide, and deeply breathe in the fresh air, greenery and peace – that sweet spot when you smile – just because, well, you SMILE in THIS moment of THIS simple JOY!

On my extrovert days, I can gaze beyond our garden to the world outside – the hustle and bustle of LIFE! As people go past living their days and going about their business and errands.

It is a great reminder:

With or Without You!


On early mornings, I see those oldies who pick flowers from our bushes when they think no one is looking!

(How rude would it be to gift them a plant with flowers of their own? Like HELLO AUNTY, Here! – now pick at them all you want! Let my plants BE!
Would you leave me a comment below on how best to handle these choor-people? (thief-people)?!!!
 I am looking for ideas… well, a better idea than mine! LOL!)

Outside my Window at precisely 5 pm there is this one child who zooms in on his bicycle and starts screaming his head off for his friend who lives on the second floor of our building! THIS is when I SHUT my window and withdraw from what is OUTSIDE my WINDOW!
P.S.: The kids are adorable, I am “trying” to explain to this child, that ringing the bell would be just as effective … well, someday….. someday he will grow up! 😊

#wordsmatter #icdreams

Thank you Payal for tagging me 😊 I am passing the baton on to Disha, our 47th and final stop on this blog hop! Do head on over to read …. As, well, as you know, #wordsmatter 😊

Hope you enjoyed sharing my view of what’s outside my window….. what’s outside yours?

I love a good conversation – do leave me a comment below … and that piece of advice too, please!

Thank you for dropping by 😊


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  1. I’d love to see your doggie rooms. I have a cat crazy friend who has rooms constructed specially for her cats.
    For the thief aunty, try putting up a notice and see how it goes. Also, I’ve been in the space you are now when screaming kids used to annoy me no end. Now with a set of twins I’m firmly on the other side :-). The thing is kids are amazingly self-centered. You need to keep correcting them to get across. Good luck with that.

  2. I wouldn’t bother with the thieves. The fact is that they like stealing and getting flowers for free. Why would they take the trouble of looking after the plants you give them when they can take the flowers for free?

  3. I love how our doggies get priority over us!!
    My Dad used to harass people stealing flowers by saying that the Gods don’t like stolen property as offerings.
    Thank you for sharing the ‘world” outside your window. I love to view it with you someday soon.

  4. Show us your doggie room, Ishieta! Loved your views from the window. I hate it when someone plucks the flowers from my garden too. But meh! Can’t change the whole world. Thanks for participating in the bloghop. Hope you had fun!

  5. awww how sweet of you to think about the pups. They must really love their room. I love large windows… makes the room look spacious too. Plus all that natural light gives such a positive vibe.

  6. My Dad was an atheist and one day he went and thanked an aunty who was plucking flowers from our garden. He said “I don’t have rapport with God but thanks to you that through you flowers from my garden are reaching God.” The Aunty stopped coming after that. I would have loved a photograph of your dog’s room.

  7. Nice post , a window or a balcony is connection to the outer world , I love sitting some time in my balcony and watch people

  8. What a lovely and refreshingly honest read this was! I also love the hashtag- words do indeed matter!

  9. So many intriguing memories and movement you lived on that window of your room. It’s perfect place to spend me time

  10. It is awesome how our pet doggies get priority over us. Love the beautiful way you have written your post. Thanks for showcasing the beautiful world outside the window

  11. Oh you got my attention at that sentence where you mentioned about flower thief aunties and uncles.. They without being 1 % guilty take them for pooja or for decoration.

  12. This was fresh and such a beautiful post …I love the window you have and seriously want to see your doggie !!

  13. The introverted and extroverted views from your window brought back many of my own memories. These were of looking out of the window and watching people run helter-skelter as the rain lashed violently, of kids jumping in muddy puddles and much more.

  14. I want to see ur dogs room …i have a soft corner for them…even i sit near my window gazing outside nd pen down my thoughts

  15. “Aunty, should we put up a new plant which blooms most time of the year so that all who want flowers can pick from that tree. I really feel sad when flowers are plucked from these plants of mine. :)”

  16. That’s a beautiful one. I liked the picture you painted with words out there. People plucking flowers, children calling out each other and other cute things. Thank you for joining #WordsMatter.

  17. I so loved reading this post di… It felt like we were having a long conversation, one that we haven’t had in a long time!
    P. S. I really hope that kid starts using the door bell soon…

  18. That’s such an amazing piece. I like how the dogs gets a priority over room selection. Even my parents have a Labrador and he occupies the biggest hall

  19. Ugh I hate it too when people pluck beautiful flowers from my garden. But then it gives me joy too in spreading beauty and love 🙂 loved reading your post

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