My 5 Fitness Mantras

My 5 Fitness Mantras

On the occasion of my friend Zainab’s blog turning 4 #Slimturns4, I recall conversations she and I have had about out fitness and how every little thing over time stacks up to create positive changes in our bodies and mindsets.

Our Health is our CHOICE! Every day we decide what we are going to do – whether is it our thoughts, reactions, our food and water intake – all of it is in our hands to a great extent.

5 fitness mantras icdreams

Here are my 5 fitness mantras and how they are helping my mental and physical health –

1.Eating Clean

I am making sure to EAT Home-Cooked meals as often as possible, and minimise the amount of tea and coffee I drink in a day!

2. Thinking Clean

I know this may seem a strange one, but I have realised that it is so important to pay attention to our own inner dialogues and thoughts which we are paying attention to!

I find that being aware of what I am watching, reading and internalising are part of the process – This had made a huge difference to my mindset and mental health.

3. Moving Everyday

Some form of movement everyday!

On some days I go workout, on some I go for a walk and on others, I just dance around my room! I make sure to spend some time, even as little as 20 minutes every day moving – This has made a difference to not only my weight, but also my strength and stamina, and my mindset!

4. Spending time with my Pets

Furries are God’s gift to Human kind! (in my opinion)

The joy of being greeted by your pet (dog or cat or bird) is the best antidote to all worries!

5. Hobbies

Making sure to spend some time every week (frankly, daily is just not possible with my schedule right now!) on hobbies which bring me JOY – no purpose, probably useless but just so much fun.

I find the time I spend on my hobbies are almost meditative – I get lost in the act and am IN THE MOMENT!

Everyday is a Choice!

What are some of your Mantras?

This post is a part of #SlimTurns4 Blog Birthday celebrations hosted by Slimexpectations and Thoughts by Geethica.

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  1. I really wish I can do more for my fitness but now only following my regular morning walks …these are really easy fitness tips

  2. I totally agree with the statement that our health is our choice. People don’t understand the significance of this sentence and suffer. Anyway, happy health to you 🙂

  3. Simple ways and yet many times we can’t find time for this. This post is a good reminder to be fit.

  4. One does not have to hit the Gym and burn up calories like mad to be fit. Simple steps can easily achieve this and this is what your fitness Mantra says too. A simple and healthy diet coupled with physical exercise works wonders.

  5. These are some great tips to say fit and healthy.. Even i am trying to working out as much as possible..

  6. A healthy life is a key to a happy life. These tips are definitely important. Lifestyle changes change our entire mindset and ultimately would help us be better emotionally, mentally, and even physically

  7. Every day is a choice! That is so true! And I would love to make a healthy choice, everyday! Loved the post!

  8. These are five things that everyone, irrespective of them being on a diet or no diet must follow. Some really basic yet, necessary tips 🙂

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