It’s not that time of the year #wordsmatter #icdreams

It’s not that time of the year #wordsmatter #icdreams

It’s not that time of the year unless you sit down & reflect & realise that #wordsmatter – my words to myself matter the most – something that I have come to realise through the turbulence that has been 2019!

In all the down times that I saw, the ONE person who always SPOKE KINDLY to ME – was ME! And, so today, as I reflect on the year that has been, and DREAM about the rest of this year and what is to come ahead – I want to say Thank you, Thank you to me & my spirit!

Now that you are smiling at my apparent wisdom and sweetness, let me tell you there have been some very strong FRIENDS behind keeping my spirit upright & afloat! YOU ALL know who YOU are – and so, a big THANK YOU & HUG 😊  – You are my Sunshine! & yes, I promise not to sing in public again! Maybe! Lol!

A Big shout out to Corrine for her words of encouragement and her posts over at The Frangipani Creative  – I am reading so many articles and learning as I get re-organised in my mind for what I want to do with the rest of my year!

And, a BIG Thank you to Shalini over at Kohleyedme – For TWO Instagram feeds that are so full of warmth and positivity! A virtual hug & Thank you for the daily dose of B+ through your photographs!

From my conversation over at Shalini’s blog –, I realised that I have gone overboard with my To-Do Lists and Tasks and while writing them out in my Bullet Journal has been FUN, it has also been overwhelming and self-deriding (is there such a word?).

In retrospect I realise that I over-estimated what I can get done in a day, under-estimated how much time it would take – and basically, drowned my sorrows in cups of coffee (hazelnut offcourse 😉) & got nothing done!

My Plan to Pivot on this: Introspect – Create Clear Focus Areas – A List of Fewer tasks – for the month, week and day. A clear MIT (most important task) & everything else a maybe.

My Plan to Pivot on this:
Introspect – Create Clear Focus Areas – A List of Fewer tasks – for the month, week and day.

A clear MIT (most important task)
& everything else a MAYBE.

Also, It is the Autumn/ Fall Season – the Season to let things go – so I am going to let things go –

Things which overwhelm me – My To – do Lists & Task Lists & well, some more lists!

Things which are more difficult to sustain than the benefit they provide – the incessant dieting!

Doing the things I WANT to do, and letting things I SHOULD be doing fall to the wayside – splurge on that series, the laundry can wait!

When you start to let go
source: internet

Taking a break in October to Learn – Relax – Reset – Restart!

I hope you enjoyed my post, I have written after a while, writer words which matter #wordsmatter

I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment below.

Know anyone taking a round-about journey? Share my spirals 😊

Happy Navratra, Dussehra, Diwali & the complete festive season!
Cheers, I

#wordsmatter #icdreams

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Being kind to yourself is the most difficult and yet the most important thing to do.

  2. Beautiful. You know what you said at the start was something I had never thought of but it is so true. I am so glad you shared this and you have given me a lot of food for thought this morning. Thank you!

  3. I loved the use of the prompt here with the #Wordsmatter. It made me smile. It is so true! We are often our own worst critics. We really need to talk nicely to ourselves. I am slowly beginning to understand this too…

  4. I too have decided to take it easy in the months ahead. If we can’t be kind to ourselves, who will we be kind to. Thank you for the mention and for the regular “check ups” on my health and well-being. Truly appreciate them. Hugs!

  5. Your quote in the image is vital for each one of us. Many a time it is the self-talk in our heads which push us down more than the outside overwhelm. I often think about what will become of us if not for our friends and well-wishers. Wishing you a lot of relaxation in October to go about making your restarts.

  6. Being kind to ourselves is one thing that we forget to do all the time. We will whip up a meal for 4 or 10 people in a jiffy but making it just for me-that is another task altogether. Same with dressing up or taking myself out for a change or cheering myself up. Nope! We will easily put in the effort and time for another person but not for oneself.

    So bravo Ishieta for doing that for yourself-its a huge thing to do and you should be proud of yourself to be able to do that.

    Hugs and love for the journey forward. Its good to see you writing again and hoping it continues so 🙂

  7. This is something I have also realised this year. And once I started being kind to myself and telling my inner critic to shut up and telling my authentic self that I love her, I found I am so much happier and productive!

  8. Its such a beautiful rendition of heart you’ve got there. I could read my story!
    And taking some inspiration from you im going to take a break in November, sort out with the one that loves me most – ‘ME’!
    And come back rejuvenated.

  9. I love to read #WordsMatter posts a lot, they speak a lot about everything good 🙂 Super positive post and one must be good to oneself and talk when alone. This helps us realize our mistakes or re-analyze our life decisions 🙂

  10. Well seriously reading your post I realised that this is so true we speak so much with ourselves than with others. so motivation and positivity should first come from ourselves.

  11. To-do lists also bother me a lot. I recently read an article on how to make a ‘not-to-do list’ and that article made me realize how we unnecessarily stress ourselves. We should relax and take time out to enjoy our own company in peace.

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