#BarAThon – Four Corners of the World

#BarAThon – Four Corners of the World

Welcome to Day 4 of #BarAThon with blogarhythm. Today’s Theme is: Four Corners of the World


One of my favorite placed to visit as a child was the International Dolls Museum in New Delhi – The sheer collection of dolls from the different parts of the world was absolutely fascinating and their stories (which my mom and I used to make up) riveting!

Inspired by Suzy’s post on Dolls, which you can read here, I wanted to share with you about my favorite Doll from the Four Corners of the World.

My no. 1 and absolutely favorite are the Matryoshka Dolls.


4 corners of the world Matryoshka doll #BarAThon #icdreams pinterest


What’s so special about it:
matryoshka doll is also known as a Russian nesting doll, stacking dolls, or Russian doll,  is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. (source: Wikipedia)

They are also a great example of a symbolic and cultural representation of a nation and folk art.
You can read about my love and fascination with Symbology here!

I remember the first time I met them (the dolls), they were lining the bathtub of an aunt who has the most gorgeous soul – and from that day, I felt like the Matryoshka Dolls are always smiling at me and creating a happy environment.

It was many years later that I got my own set, which alas, got misplaced. And it is only in the last year, that I received a second set of Matryoshka dolls!

I cherish them, and they adorn the top of the Television set in my room – A constant reminder of SMILES and the many layers which make up Life and Me!


matryoshka doll icdreams



Matryoshka Dolls - A constant reminder of SMILES and the many layers which make up Life and Me! #icdreams #BarAThon Click To Tweet

Do you love dolls too? Which is your favorite?

Is there a memory of falling in love with something thanks to an aunt? I’d love to read your story-memory 🙂 Do share via a comment below.




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  1. This post took me down back to memories…simply sweet and wonderful post …keep on sharing such write-ups

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