Lockdown Diary

Lockdown Diary

Welcome to the strange new normal 🙂

I am quite happy to share that I have been part of Ila’s #PandemicDiaries2020 series and reading about the experiences of others in the lockdown, a.k.a. #pandemiclockdown2020 have been reassuring, entertaining and good reading material.

Good reading material, you ask?
Well Yes! I LOVE reading other people’s perspectives, their struggles and actions they take (or don’t take) and their (unique) point of view.
Some similar to mine, some so vastly different that they open up a window to a different view (also, given I am at home & going nowhere, just like you (coz we are both smart like that 🙂 ) then any figurative and literal bout of fresh air and ideas is WELCOME!

On a side note: Actions you don’t take – I believe this is JUST AS POWERFUL as taking action.
You know that famous saying : Inaction is an action!

Here’s a quick Diary Entry on my Lockdown Journey so far! Things I have done, and things I cannot quite wrap my mind around!

I Hope you enjoy this quirky look into my diary 🙂

Here are some of the things I am unable to understand…. HOW do people suddenly have SOO much time! and WHY are they complaining about it???

I mean, Congratulations, YOU HAVE TIME! What a rare opportunity in life – embrace it! Do something with it, or don’t – but why vent about it incessantly on social media, phone calls, blog posts… you get the drift!

Second, for those who have found TIME and decided to go into UBER-Productivity mode – Congratulations to you too! However, there is something known as oversharing ( and no, I am not going to share what that means)!

The challenge in both the above scenarios is that they LACK BALANCE.
In life, the one lesson that always re-establishes itself, is that one MUST have BALANCE.
Life has beauty, or if that’s too flowery an idea, Life has workability (works) when we have Balance.

On to my Personal Journey:

While I continue to work 9 odd hours every night (major #gratitude for this), and manage house and pets and my usual pitter-patter, I have managed to carve out some time for activities (popular ones no doubt, but something I hadn’t really added to my ‘normal’ life and routine) which I feel have added to the quality of my life and propelled a stronger mind frame during the lock down.

  1. Journaling – Or, how i prefer to refer to it, DEAR DIARY.
    We all know, like really KNOW the benefits, but it is only during this lock down that I have really made it a part of my routine, a quick 5 mins to however long I need to, I JUST WRITE – no censorship, no doubting, just purely pouring my expressions on paper.
    Yes, PAPER – I am a firm believer in the power of WRITING something out – try out, and you too will experience the therapeutic affects of writing a journal, versus, pretty much any other format.

    Also, it has given me the time to start seeing inside myself, liking some parts and changing others – a good place to be in, I say!

2. Ink Pens – During the lock down, since I am working from home (I make to-do lists in my #BUJO), and journaling as part of my every day, I have indulged in my joy of writing with ink pens. I have collected a few, and bought the limited colors available of inks in the market now a days (you know that material, stock, ‘samaan’ is not really coming from the source).

adult coloring book icdreams lockdown diary

3. Coloring Books, or what are called, Adult Coloring Books
In July, I have set myself a goal to learn to be Patient!
check out my post on Instagram to read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCGtvj6FLxN/ or follow me on instagram.com/ishietac

My method? Coloring atleast 5 minuters every day and sharing it (#Colormehappy) to keep myself accountable.

Embroidary ICDreams Lockdown Diary

4. Embroidery – I have gone back to my student life, and picked up those embroidary kits again and like to spend some time working with thread and cloth – and to be honest, it just transports me into a different mind space – a space which is quite lovely to be in 🙂

How about you? Did you try something new? I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas or different perspectives on old ideas or even the same ideas as me – but your take on it – leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of my lock down diary 🙂

The Blog train THE PANDEMIC THAT CHANGED OUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN initiated by blogger Ila Varma  to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #pandemiclockdown2020.

Thank you Ekta Shah for introducing me, and sharing a quick reminder on going back to our basics.
Read on to see Sneha’s take on the Pandemic and the lockdown on: https://momandmusings.wordpress.com/

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  1. A nice post with some thought provoking thoughts. Yes we want something that we don’t have. I guess that is human nature. When in office we complain of leave. When we have abundance of leave, we complain of so much time. You also talked about lacking balance in life. I guess it is hitting hammer on the head. We do things that we like or find easy, most of the time. It is like eating one’s meal with only one item. A balanced diet involves eating everything in proportion starting from bitter to sweet. Alas! we have forgotten these ideas.

  2. Wow nice diary post, loved it. Glad you enjoyed journaling, coloring, embroidery, and kept yourself creatively occupied. Loved the glimpse of your creativity in this post

  3. Love your hobby ideas. To write and color is surely therapeutic. And can’t ask for a better time to pursue your passion. Embroidery is a forgotten art. Feels nostalgic to see anyone doing it. I think I’m going to restart this soon. What a Lovely blog post.

  4. Yeah! This is the new normal where we have to accept the situation and find and follow the new routine with lots of precaution. This time added lots of life saving habits in our routine. Yeah! It is tough but we have to follow and enjoy this time too with our hobbies as you said.

  5. I am happy to read your thought that you love to write in your diary. Also, kudos to you for finding out even 5 mins for these wonderful activities, we all need a creative outlet, isn’t it?

  6. Good to read about your creative engagements. I have two podcast channels so I am super busy with recording for the two and my regular writing. I want to try my hands on Mandala art.

  7. I so agree that we all either learned something new or gone back to the hobbies we loved ….thats so brilliant, embroidery is so my mom and elder sister used to do a lot

  8. I m like you and enjoy writing with paper and pen and indeed it is therapeutic. Loved your creative list.. would love to try embroidery..it had been years I had done that.

  9. It’s really interesting to know that you are journaling and using art. That’s a perfect way to keep our mind occupied when there’s some extra time in hand.

  10. This time had allowed a lot of us to either give a chance to new hobbies or go back to old ones. You’ve used your time wonderfully! Personally, I’ve managed to revive my home garden, lost weight, indulged in baking and spent time watching loads of movies!

  11. It is so nice that you are finding so many different outlets for your creativity during this time! That embroidery looks gorgeous. I guess content creation has taken up all of my time, which leaves no time for hobbies unfortunately.

  12. True that girl. Taking the lockdown with a positive outlook and finding time for ourselves will help make our lives fulfilled. Great to see you picking up some old habits.

  13. Wow I so loved how u have gone back to traditional mode of writing and maintaining a diary. Even I have been doing it. I have been planning to do some home decor for long and lockdown helped me in doing so

  14. Yes social media is flooded with regular activities on lockdown. I like your idea of writing the thought on paper. I’ll try this sounds therapeutic

  15. Genuinely genuinly loved your blog! I am a full-time professional and blogger. It feels like I’, working overtime, having said which, books- is my calm-zone. Your blog inspires me to get back to reading.

  16. Interesting. I am keeping myself occupied with writing/blogging and a bit of reading. Good to know you are keeping yourself creatively engaged too.

  17. This is so awesome and creative.. I love the craft thing you have done .. my mom used to make this too.

  18. I so much like this journalling the pandemic experiences it is of course one of a kind and will serve as the history recording. I also like the idea of embroidery to keep yourself busy this looks like a great blog train and you have written a fabulous post. I wish you all the best

  19. wow Ishieta you pursued so many interesting hobbies during lockdown. You reminded me of cross stitch and I also have that adult colouring book.

  20. Lockdown has given us the chance to do interesting things. I also love to do such kinda activities. Art and craft thing is really great to do. Thanks for sharing with us

  21. Ink pens-Wow. I think I really need to get back to this habit. There was a time when I had good handwriting. Now all gone:) But I liked the simplicity and the engaging stuff.

  22. Always loved coloring books..but have to say the blog and my Instagram has taken up my time outside wfh . But the simple list and loved the images is such a pleasure

  23. I totally second your thought. To keep the sanity and positive mindset these mindset is very crucial. Hobbies that gets us closer to ourselves and transport to us a different world are best to keep up with. Lovely blog

  24. I have also gone back to my student life and picked up the crochet kit. Keeping journal is a nice concept. Let’s do it to.

  25. Good to know that you made most of the lockdown and tried so many different things but I have different preference, I write it down but in notes on the phone or PC, woh kya hai my writing is not that good. Sometimes even i can’t understand it.

  26. This truly is an amazing feeling to read all the views and trying to understand different perspectives. Wonderful blog train. Enjoyed reading this post

  27. Writing with pen and paper is so me. Typing breaks thoughts with all those spell checks. I creat initial draft on paper. I want to get some coloring books too.

  28. I have started to journal my lockdown thoughts and ideas. I am using a diary and I am also using my Insta account to pen my thoughts. It is so important to write everything down so we get some clear with the thoughts.

  29. This pandemic has been the worst phase of my life hands down. Time.. Well I don’t have a single second for myself. We are a household of 6 including an infant and a toddler and managing every single errand on my own without any help.

  30. I have seen lot of my friends going back to their hobbies during this time, for me I have a little one so I havent been able to do much but I have horned my cooking skills a bit more 🙂

  31. This lockdown has changed our perspective in life. We are now craving what we least wanted earlier and with all the time in hand (after ofcourse all the office, hse n kids work done) is bringing out the creative side of everyone.

  32. Oh my! Love the way you perfectly utilized your time fruitfully. Wish I could do the same but I was enjoying motherhood with job and household chores. But definitely planning to start some DIY once she’s old enough. Love the way you pour out your thought, great writing style

  33. Great to know that you are spending your days so fruitfully by practicing different activities. I am amazed to know that someone still prefers ink pen over any other pen, Thanks for reminding me my love for ink pens.

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