IC goes Regional on #ZEE5

IC goes Regional on #ZEE5

Welcome Dreamers! & entertainment lovers 😊

You know I have always been someone who loves T.V serials and movies and the whole cinema/ theater experience! And, let’s be honest, we are all locked inside during the continued lock down and boredom is a new friend we are all becoming way too well acquainted with!

Between working from home and housework, I am pretty tired, and always looking for a quick stress buster in the evenings!

In the beginning of the lockdown, I spent many hours exploring the various OTT platforms, if there was a new service that came up –  I would be checking it out within hours of its launch! If there was a new series – I would have watched the trailer before you could tell me its complete name! hehe!!!

and so far, the most entertainment I have found has been on ZEE5

I always find a good program – an entertaining full-on package on ZEE5.com and it has become my favorite go-to when looking for something good to watch.

I have ZEE5 on my mobile and laptop and configured on my big screen T.V (hello theatre experience! <3 ) and spend some time on catching up on the news too while doing my chores!

Image Source: ZEE5.com

The latest program which has caught my fancy is : Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari and to be honest, I really, I mean REALLY identified with the lead character, Rasathi, and her experiences.

This is a complete serial, think, Ekta Kapoor style, while episodic events, a complete cast and each cast member having their own arcs and stories.

However, all the stories ultimately revolve around the world of Rasathi, a simple girl with a big heart who loves helping people.

zee5 regional icdreams

A simple girl who faces being shamed for her size.

I, being on the plump side myself, could really relate to Rasathi, and deeply felt the pain and ( the unsaid humiliation) when she is treated differently, and goes through poor experiences, just because of her size.

Even when it comes to her marriage proposal, in typical Indian style, she faces difficulty just by virtue of her size, and people ignore the virtues of her kind nature!

What makes this series interesting for me is how Rasathi rises above the body shaming and the prejudices of people around her and goes on to create a very cute love story and an interesting set of relationships and exchanges with all the other characters in the serial.

I loved her attitude and how she has NOT been portrayed as a victim, but as someone who embraces who she is, size and all, and goes on to have a full and complete life.

Offcourse, given that this is a ZEE5 production, the story has many plots, sub-plots and twists and turns which keep you hooked and coming back for another episode the next evening! 😊

Offcourse, the fact that is is full on drama is always what keeps me coming back for more 😊

Bring the theatre experience home by subscribing to ZEE5.com today & enjoy unlimited & good quality programming and lots of entertainment and fun!

Image Source: ZEE5.com

Image Source: ZEE5.com

If you too watch Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari, let me know how you liked it. And if you have another series that has caught your fancy on ZEE5 do share it in the comments below so I can check it out!

Looking for more recommendations on ZEE5.com? check out my viewing experience of the series :
Kehne ko Humsafar Hai S3  and one of my favourites’, Parchayee featuring Farida Jalal!

Happy Watching!
Cheers, I

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  1. Zee5 has some very good programs. Body shaming is something which is highly prevelant in our society and should be addressed

  2. This serial is highlighting an important topic that needs to be discussed in broad day light. Glad that ZEE5 has a show based on this. And the star cast looks so cute to watch the show.

  3. Body shaming is one of the most important issue that need to be addressed properly. I m glad that this series is addressing that issue in an entertaining manner. Will try to watch it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have got me enticed enough to watch this show at the earliest buddy especially the lead character already has my heart

  5. You know I’ve heard great review of the same and have been waiting to watch the same. I absolutely love ZEE5 for a fact that it has a variety of regional languages shows together at one place

  6. Indeed zee5 is one stop entertainment platform. The plot sounds intriguing and crisp, and performance by the cast in series is so entertaining. indeed a binge watch this weekend.

  7. I am myself little on the heavy side though this happened after two subsequent deliveries. However, I can relate to her emotions of being heavy weighted and difficulties faced. Do they have subtitles or anything like that. I would love to watch it.

  8. Zee5 is doing really great in entertaining the viewers .. I am so excited by seeing their regional section .

  9. ZEE5 has been a saviour for all as they are updating many shows and web series every week. Thanks for recommendation, I would watch your recommendations now.

  10. Zee5 is catching up and how. I feel like a LOT has to do with the fact that it has an assortment of old and new series in regional languages. ‘In-theatre experience,’ well said!

  11. It will be interesting to see oru orula oru rajlumari. If it is like ekta kapoor shows then it will be great to watch. Surely checking this out on zee 5.

  12. High five on having ZEE5 on a laptop and on a phone as well. I am hooked to many serials available on this platform. Haven’t watched this one yet, planning to binge-watch it this weekend.

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