Speak Easy

Speak Easy

This independence I thought about “Speak Easy”

Warning: Strong opinions expressed below!

While we, as a country, have been independent for decades, yet, if you really notice, we still hesitate to speak easy.

We hold ourselves back, we keep ourselves in check!

We do not speak easy because of the fear of society, of other people.

Yes! You read that correctly, FEAR!
Even today, while we may have been “FREE” for a long while, we are still not really free from the constraints and the limitations of what we are ALLOWED to speak, think and feel!

Think about it – when you have had an idea different from others, when you have not liked something – were you really able to express yourself? Were you able to speak up? Walk away with dignity?

SILENCE IS GOLDEN – Is something we were taught as an aspirational quote! And, history is witness, anyone who has spoken up, has been silenced!

Look at the global arena today, you see people speaking up against discrimination and brutalities and UNFAIR practices that have been taking place for a very long time – Will it end? Will their be a stop to these wrong doings?

Only time will tell.

Let’s look closer home, the discrimination again the women at the work place (YES! This still happens), discrimination against your caste, nationality, looks, weight and even marital status (oh YES! This very much IS happening), then the open ill treatment of women in the domestic arena – we have been reading about this too for decades, except, where is the change?

Do you really believe we can speak easy?

Really speak up, for what is right, for what we want, for what we don’t want.

Do we have the right to SAFELY raise a question?
It depends! really, honestly, it depends on the factors and people involved!

We are yet not a country which allows for independent thoughts or living – not really, think about it!

This blog post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge 2.0 hosted by Ruchi and Dipika. Check out different (lighter) and very interesting perspectives on #SpeakeasyWithRuchiNDips


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  1. You have a strong opinion and I completely respect that, yes it’s not easy to speak easy but we do see the change and we all as a blogger are true example for that.

  2. Some strong opinions expressed in your blogpost. If we meet offline someday, I may enter into a long debate with you on this blog post. Writing that creates polarity is always an interesting read – thanks.

  3. I agree with you , we are still bounded not to speak our heart or obey it even if we are not agreed. Sometimes people says you are woman behave like it , why to speak so loud or put opinion in public.

  4. Such a thought provoking post and I loved the way you had expressed the reality of our independent country where we all hesitate and had a fear to speak easy. Hope things change and change for better

  5. Freedom of Speech is something easy to read, but when one tries to follow it, nobody accepts it… And yes, I agree to this blog 100% that we always teach ‘silence is golden’ to everyone… we hardly want to speak out what’s correct and what’s not due to the fear of receiving judgements… I have often received a lot of judgements on my thoughts, and words due to this!!

  6. Your opinions are strong but very true. Women are empowered but also mistreated. There is freedom of speech but only upto the extent of what people want to hear. Bringing a change is not easy but people are like are stepping forward and that is gona make a huge difference.

  7. You have expressed your opinion and thoughts very well. Yes no one really speaks freely and I feel it’s not just in India but world over. When we talk about domestic violence or pay parity, it’s the same world over and all women are facing it. Speak about riots, they are all over the world, people walk, they march n gradually they are forgotten. Its the same world over.

  8. So true, we have to speak up and raise our opinions incase if we see something not going right.. True that ppl always think what would others think rather than just clearing things out.. Very well written post dear

  9. I completely agree and still people fail or hesitate to speak their mind for the fear of getting judged. I hope we get pass all this and value everyone’s opinion and the difference of opinions.

  10. 15.Totally agree with you we’re not yet the country where children women have to keep themselves in check, but times are changing so are we slowly slowly little little.

  11. We often hold are thoughts back and do not speak easily and freely.This is a very thought provoking blog.Good to know you have expressed your thoughts about such a relevant topic.

  12. I like the way you have expressed your thought . Sometime we don’t feel free to speak in the fear of the cruel society and people near to us . But it is high time now.

  13. This opens up for more discussion. Especially as we women have to filter our actual words before plating them at home, society or work. The strong opinion would be agreed upon by the major share of women.

  14. Yes sometimes it is not easy to speak up on particular topic. Maybe it our modesty that keep us mum. And it is in people hand when to speak up for any discomfort. Unless we speak the change is not near.

  15. Silence is not always helpful! We need to speak up for what is right, for our safety, for equality, for fair treatment! Totally agree with you!

  16. I have always expressed myself when I have felt things are not right. I also speak up for others as well. And I know it’s a fight that needs to be fought constantly and as you said we are always silenced saying silence is golden.

  17. Having worked in the corporate space for 9 years, I understand what gender based discrimination is. I have raised my voice time and again, some of which got heard, some just went in vain.
    Very nice topic. We shoukd speak up.

  18. I was always criticised for being too open while talking about some issues. But I never step back . I put across my views whether someone likes it or not. I cannot stand the wrong. You have explained it so well. #speakeasywithruchindips

  19. Yes, the fear of not speaking up is real. And there would be multiple instances in our life when we want to speak but avoid it to not being a lone voice.

  20. What a beautiful and realistic take on the prompt. I completely agree with what you have written. Irrespective of the progress we have made, we always hesitate to speak out either because of fear or respect. Whatever might be the situation, we should always speak out.

  21. Completely agree, Freedom to a speakeasy and what we want is still needed. Many times we want to speak but fear grips and we stay silent even when we want to express and it’s correct too. The expression is important as silence is not always a solution.

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