ZEE5 Club Subscription – Bringing together two entertainment content giants to our homes

ZEE5 Club Subscription – Bringing together two entertainment content giants to our homes

Welcome August!

In this unwelcome heat, and non-stop work- load, the only respite I have is taking BREAKS of full ON entertainment!

The newly launched ZEE5 Club Pack has come to my rescue just as I was searching for entertainment for myself, and also for the family.

Source: ZEE5.com

What is in this club pack you ask?

All the New Zindagi Shows & ZEE5-Alt Balaji Originals shows – both can be watched as part of the ZEE5 Club Pack! No need to purchase separate subscriptions (affordable OTT platoform)! And no need to choose between one or the other. Woohoo!

Source: ZEE5.com

What are the other benefits?

1000+ popular movies, originals series made especially for this platform, seriels wich release here on ZEE5.com BEFORE it released on TV and the convenience of: NO Advertisements which watching, and offcourse, on demand availability of the programs!

As some of you may know, I work off hours, and therefore, I missed TONS of shows on TV! OTT platforms like this, and these kind of content bundles like this ZEE5 Club pack have really made it comfortable for me to watch shows according to my schedule and convenience 😊 

Did you know?

Did you know Zindagi was the first Indian general entertainment online channel?  And now, ZEE5.com is bringing it back with a mix of curated shows – both old and new, which will be thought provoking and have a multicultural narrative.

Source: ZEE5.com

Also the return of those short but really good Pakistani serials is a welcome! You know, we all fell in love wit Fawad Khan, way before Khoobsurat, thanks to THAT serial! (sigh!)

ALT Balaji (from the very popular Ekta Kapoor stable) has come together with ZEE5 in this Club Pack and offers their original content, as well is going to be creating 60 original content series – I cannot wait to see what these two highly creative teams come up with!

Are you like my friend V?

So, if you, like my friend V, like unique stories with a global starcast and setting, then this is the pack you want! She has combined her treadmill walks with her favorite shows – she says, this is the most convenient way to exercise, and enjoy it! 😉


ZEE5 promises content which covers all the entertainment genres your heart can desire – Drama, Mystery, Romance and comedy! Serials and Movies – choose your entertainment!

Source: ZEE5.com

One of the first shows that hooked me on was Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, with the latest being season 3, which I almost binge watched!

What else have I been watching?

I have even been quite adventurous with the content I am watching and have starting exploring series in other languages. I thought the story of Rasathi in Oru Oorula Oru Rajkumari to be quite the complete entertainment package.

Overall, I am spending a lot of time online on finding programs that are entertaining for the whole family while also being light on the pocket at the same time. I found the ZEE5 Club pack to be the best value plan with quality programming.

Check out the ZEE5 Club pack,and tell me a good program for me to watch! I love sitting with my tea after work and enjoying an episode or two of someone else’s drama!

Happy Watching!


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  1. Yes I have heard about this, sounds quite interesting and this package looks very reasonable too. ZEE 5 has some very good shows so would love to try.

  2. I am hearing such great news about ZEE5 Club pack that I can’t wait to try this at home .Your review making the choice much easier too on the pocket.

  3. ZEE 5 has got some really good shows and series to watch. And I love watching some of them. Alt Balaji is okay… I had its subscription too but did not find it much worthy hence deactivated..

  4. Wow it’s very good that ZEE5 Club Pack provides wide range of content in English, Hindi and other Regional Languages and we can watch favourite TV shows before they are aired on TV. like that pack is affordable

  5. Great combo pack from zee 5.Indeed both zee 5 and alt balaji are coming up with binge worthy series and this pack would be really good to.have

  6. It’s a great variety of series. I have also subscribed Zee5 subscription. And I have watched the most popular series in a row. I am also fond of Zee 5 movies and web series.

  7. This is a fantastic news for people like me who see content from both Zee 5 and Alt Balaji. THis will surely add value for viewers enterntainment content quo on OTT.

  8. I have been wanting to check out this pack. They are offering some really good option for affordable prices. Mainly going to get this because it has shows from Zee5 and ALT Balaji too

  9. I’ve subscribed to this pack too and we’re having a great time enjoying the variety of shows and movies available. Exploring regional cinema is a lot of fun.

  10. Zee5 club pack is a nice option to choose from . Niw I can only pay for what I want to see . Very good attempt by ZEE5.

  11. I was an awe of the series which were shown on Zindagi, maybe the Pakistani actors did it or what Can’t relate but the scripts were amazing.. The 60 new releases by altbalaji are a must watch, can’t wait to subscribe .

  12. My mom loves watching ALT Balaji shows, I’ll tell her about this club subscription plan. We have just upgraded our ZEE5 subscription, will check if we can still get this club subscription. Thanks for sharing,


  14. It’s great to know that Zindagi tv shows are now on ZEE5.. my mother in law loved to watch Zindagi Shows .. heading to playstore for purchasing the s ZEE5 yearly subscription.

  15. Affordable and gives so many options to watch, I absolutely love this one. ZEE5 has been nailing this game compared to other OTT platforms. I have been addicted to few of their shows.

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