Travel in 2020 #icdreams

Travel in 2020 #icdreams

Welcome to the year we did NOT travel – The year of 2020!

We all have seen the world change right in front of our eyes, we now live in a world as we have never experienced before.
One of the primary things which have shut down has been travel.

A simple trip to the grocery store has become a process today, with guidelines and precautions and limitations – It needs planning, the same way Traveling used to!

So much so, that I am talking (writing!) about a run to buy vegetables in terms of a travel trip (I am laughing at myself as I am writing this – but this is the truth of this year, isn’t it?)

Can you imagine an actual trip where you would travel out of town?

While now the restrictions are easing up, and travel has again been permitted, but from everything I have been reading, there are a gazillion things to do, pack and keep in mind when you travel, and even then, there is a certain risk element to it (as of my writing this today).

Honest Confession!!!

I am not an intrepid traveler!

I do not have itchy feet. I am very happy at home and going about my daily routines.

I DO enjoy traveling – both for work and for leisure and do find reasons to travel.

A holiday spent exploring a place is a delight, and it has its own place in my life, and in every year’s plans.

dream travel golgappa icdreams

I DO dream of traveling, but I probably dream MORE about eating golgappas (another fatality of the lockdown).

So for now, am I actually traveling or dreaming of travel?

Well, this is how I AM traveling
in the year of 2020 –


    The last trip I went on, was right before the lockdown began, it was a beautiful trip, and going through my photographs today was a lovely trip down memory lane.
    (Both photographs of this trip shared in this post have been clicked by moi!)


    I am currently not a big fan of selfies (since I have again gained weight (thank you lockdown! or on bad hair days!) BUT what this year of no travel has taught me is how important memories are, and photographs (and if you have a travel journal = super se bhi upar wali feeling = super-wow-ness!) to reliving the travel, the fun and the experiences.

  • TALKING about Travel

    I can relive complete trips and the emotions and experiences if I can talk about it. We can talk about MY trips, YOUR trips – and I will live it right along with you – what can i say, I have strong skills of visualization!

travel dreams 2020 speakeasy pinterest
Picture Credit: Ishieta C

  • Making PLANS

    You read that right!
    Yes! Talking about Traveling can get me, and almost all of my friends who are just like me, excited and happy to just be talking about traveling again!

    We have spent many an afternoon dreaming and drawing up VERY detailed plans over copious cups of coffee and vegetable (yes, we are healthy eaters too 🙂 ) sandwiches 🙂

  • ARMCHAIR Travel

    Travelogues have fascinated me ever since I was a young girl (more on this another day), and Travel blog posts which have been adding travel destinations to my wishlist for a while now.

    Books like Da Vinci Code really open up our perspectives and the way we understand and even look at the world.

    One of my all time favorite trips of Shalini’s was to Kochi, and one of her experiences that I want to experience for myself in person is watching a traditional Kathakali experience – Kathakali in Fort Kochi
    Check it out to know why I am dreaming about it!


    The most obvious, Day Dreaming about trips and adventures – destinations, experiences, people, food, music, nature – the whole authentic experience!

Is the experience the same?

Well, to be honest, it is different, and yet, these are so much fun too.
I cannot imagine a Life which did not have travel as a part of it!

So until I can travel again for real, I have found these ways to have some fun!
How about you? How are you traveling this year? Did you love any of my ways?
Leave me a note with your ideas for Travel in 2020 🙂

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  1. honestly ,i m still scared with the thought of travel and want to wait few more months for getting things normalized. visit to India is top in my list and waiting eagerly for the time when I would be able to meet my parents and family. loved your take . it was interesting and indeed needful to have that kind of mind set during stressful time of pandemic.

    1. Thanks Surbhi 🙂 Yes, I agree that there is still time before we can re-start travel for leisure, and it is also okay, I think it is better to take some precautions and stay safe. Also, it made me look for alternate ways to really enjoy traveling – as a concept, as a wholel!

  2. I hear you girl. I had a dream holiday for a month in the hills just before the lock down and it powered me enough for a month of the confined home stay. But since then I have been dreaming of a holiday. My cousins are currently on their second holiday trip and once again their baby is with me. I so envy them for the road trip they have gone on – dont know when I will travel again. It will have to be a road trip only as I am not sure I can handle airports and planes yet.

    Thanks for linking with my post- thats really nice of you and I hope you get to head out to Fort Kochi soon!!!

  3. Great take on the prompt, Ish! You speak for almost all of us when you say even the thought of traveling is scary right now. Meanwhile we can all do what you are , talk about it and crave golgappas as we do.

  4. Hahahaha that’s a nice way to show you are NOT a traveller. I’m worse then because I’m not even doing the memories, photographs or arm chair travel. I’m just enjoying the lockdown and the fact that no one can make me dress up and get out of the building either.

  5. Travelogue is my favorite. I don’t travel much but yes I do love to read and write travel stories. This year when travelling is a question, your takeaways are very useful for us. Memories, photographs albums are always helpful to travel back in time. Lovely post dear.

  6. I loved the touch of humour you sprinkled at places.. itchy feet or not…travel is something no-one can say No to if not considered the current scenario..

  7. The selfie point is so true! I have had random selfie collected over last few months. And, I am looking forward to another year when we can travel freely.

  8. This is fantastic. It’s such optimistic thought. 2020 has been difficult. But we will come through and go on actual travels but right now your idea of travel is so awesome.

  9. What a positive take on the theme when this Pandemic has shelved all our plans, especially the fun of travel. I strongly agree with you photographs are the only way to dwell in the sweet memories of traveling days. Eagerly waiting to get back to the things normal where we could stock more memories of happy traveling!

  10. I have cancelled all my travel plan in 2020. I missed my cousin’s marriage and moreover I missed my brother’s Grah Pravesh. Covid is taking a good class of us. Even I have seen my album twice since lockdown. It will be difficult for all of us to get rid of the fear of Covid.

  11. I resonate with your thoughts…the past 6 months have been extremely trying on all of us. I am an avid traveller. January, I went on a trek with my son to Uttarakhand, February I was in Chhatisgarh and March, just before my Nagpur travel, the lockdown came into effect. Its extremely tough to live through pictures and memories. I am so scared to travel now….we lost a few brave hearts in the family who travelled as soon as the lock down opened – this has scared me even more.
    Warm hugs to you. Your post touched my heart.

  12. This year 2020 has made all our travel plans fall out. Travelling down the memory lane by chatting with people or watching old videos or going through pictures are the only ones I do too. And yes Books take me to different places, oops worlds altogether and my son virtually takes me to his fantasy world while playing with him.

  13. Thoughts that we all can relate too.. When there was a complete lockdown my only travel was to the nearby grocery shop and yes it used to make me happy… And now we do go out sometimes but travelling to a different location is mind opener.. It is like a dopamine shot for me that gives a new kick start.. No matter how much money one earn Or save.. Travel memories are some of the priceless things in life…

  14. Truly this year it has life has become a virtual experience. Video calls on Google meet and travelling have gone to the back seat. Hope we will travel soon again tc and more power to your pen.

  15. Thats an amazing take on travel and so true, we are forced to travel through our dreams, talks, posts, books. Better accept it because our reality has changed and its going to be the same for quite some time.

  16. Frankly speaking.. Even a trip to the nearby grocery shop feels like traveling to a new place. Haha.. You literally have to put on gears and pack stuff. Enjoy as this is a historic phase we will tell stories about in future.

  17. Doing the same. Traveling through pictures and memories and making more of them with my kids even if at home. My son is about to be one and there is nothing special we are doing this year. But happy that as a family we are gona be together. And yes, I’m also missing out on food more than travel. Heheheh….

  18. Hey Ishieta, I found one more habit that’s the same between two of us. I am also happy about being at home and don’t fret if I don’t travel very frequently though I enjoy travelling. I liked your options to feel the travel then actually travelling and dreaming is the best of all.

  19. Sailing in the same boat. I love day dreaming.. I can do for almost everything. We too are reliving beautiful memories with picture album.. I am glad that we got a hard copy of selected pictures from all are trip, as seeing them gives you another high.

  20. Ahahha those golgappas can beat any travel plan hands down. That apart, books have been my favorite mode of travel in 2020 too.

  21. And I thought I was the only one whose literally dreaming and imagining myself on vacations
    I too have already read my travel blogs thrice and am kind of living in my past travel photographs! Loved your take on the theme.

  22. I am someone who can’t stay at home for more than 3 months, after that I start feeling the need to travel & explore a new destination, I am a traveler at heart. This year also we traveled to Goa & Rajasthan just before the lockdown was announced. But yes this pandemic has made us explore our own strengths which we were not aware we had in us. I have been successful in curbing my desire to travel so far & yes travel memories & posts proved to be the saviors. Loved reading your take.

  23. How beautifully expressed your thoughts. We all have been missing travels this year. I cant stop myself from going back to the last trip we had. We look at the pictures and crave again and again to have such a vacation. Well once things settle I would love to travel to mountains.

  24. Travel has taken back seat due to this pandemic and u r right. Going for grocery itself is nothing less than traveling. Precautions and measures we take for that are nothing less. I completely resonate with you.

  25. Oh yes, 2020 has cornered us, literally. These are some sensible ways to get that travel itch out of the way. But I need a scene change. Dreaming about it isn’t helping anymore. Hopefully, soon!

  26. I can imagine what it must be like. My parents have stopped going out all together. The situation is a lot better here in Sydney so we are still able to travel and lead a somewhat normal life (as normal as it can get in current times). I miss eating out at restaurants, but that is something I am avoiding at this stage.

  27. Well, you have certainly described some unique ways by which you travel in 2020. One of the ways I have been travelling are rather simulating it is by reading about different unique travel spots. By this means I have traveled to almost all corners of the world including the top of Mt Everest :). Just kidding.

  28. It’s been 8 months we have not stepped out but now we are planning to visit our parents as the flights are operating and they are missing us badly. Well these tips are really good to refresh one.

  29. Well I have been an arm chair traveler all through this lockdown. I keep revisiting photographs and videos of old trips and talk about them incessantly !

  30. great way to travel in a lockdown. I am not much into travelling and this virtual tour is a wonderful way to enjoy new places.

  31. My husband is fed up with me for asking, accha where will we go for holiday when COVID leaves us in peace? All he wants to do is his work and all I want to do is plan for future travel!

  32. I had full plans of making 2020 my “travel” year but that’s the thing about plans – they rarely pan out the way you want them to. Travelling through memories sounds amazing. I do that every time I get on a call with my school friends 😀

  33. Fortunately I had enjoyed a fabulous holiday with my family just before lockdown, but I am really missing travel overall. I hope to be able to start with short and easy trips to home stays soon though!

  34. Travelling in 2020 is the last thing on one’s mind, however your post encourages travelling through memories, selfies, armchair travels, dreams and planning. Nice way to travel visualising and planning. I attended a family wedding and had my fill of meeting relatives and sight-seeing and shopping, thank goodness, we kept reliving those memories. Nice take on travel

  35. Arent we all doing the same thing? dreaming, revisiting pics and videos of our last vacations and reliving them and planning for the next whenever this madness finishes. Well, I am shifting home this weekend just to feel a freshness, it may sound crazy but it was due and I thought it will give me a much needed change 🙂

  36. My husband recently travelled on an international airline and he kept mentioning how scary it was that most people took off their masks inside the flight. Good post.

  37. We share a similar thought. I don’t mind skipping a vacation this year. I feel its better to stay home and chill rather than step out for a vacation with your heart filled with fear. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

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