#BookReview The Backyard Tales by Aniesha Brahma

#BookReview The Backyard Tales by Aniesha Brahma

Weekends are for reading! I made a nice cup of coffee, and settled in to read an adorable little book called THE BACKYARD TALES by Aniesha Brahma.

I also had a chance to chat with her about her writing, and you can read about it in the article here.

What is the book about?
The Blurb reads as:
The Backyard Tales is the story of the bond shared between 17-year-old Mia Basu Roy and her beloved cat, Pippo. She seems to understand him far too well for a human. And he seems have another life that Mia begins to suspect. She follows her cat to their backyard and down a very dangerous road which leads her to witches, talking animals, and a story that’s much bigger than what she initially suspected.

Read this story to discover all of Mia and Pippo’s secrets, be enchanted by magic, and get the answer to a question that has haunted us for ages: does a cat truly love their owner?

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My Review:

My love for Dogs is undeniable, as is my curiosity about cats, and what makes them tick! and, honestly, what do people find so fascinating about cats, that they just fall head-over-adores with them!

Offcourse, there is a reason why their tails (I mean, tales) are the way they are – you will need to read The Backyard Tales for us us to have this conversation!

The First Chapter of the Book, the Backyard Tales gives you absolutely NO idea what is going to follow! It took me a few pages to realise the author had ABSOLUTELY changed gears and how!

The tale is well written, there is flow and intrigue. Sometimes, in between, I did feel like the author described a few things in much more detail than I personally would have liked, but for those who like to really get INTO the settings of an episode, this may be right up their alley!

The Book is realistic whe it comes to describing how I imagine animals would speak and behave, and it has done justice to describing teenagers, bullies and people in general. it is good to finally connect the dots and see why people and animals were behaving the way they were (or atleast my interpretation of their reasons).

Talking Animals, a Witch who is not who (what) she seems, a mystery to solve, an interesting budding love story (just plain adorable, no complexities!) and characters that evolve throughout the book make for an interesting read and a Sunday afternoon well spent!

Check it out if you too love a well written book by an indian author – with magic and mysery woven together beautifully!

About the Author

Author Aniesha Brahma icdreams

Young Adult and Children’s novelist, Aniesha Brahma, studied Comparative Literature. She started her career has as a social media manager in a publishing house. Currently works as a senior content writer in a digital media agency. When she is not working, she is dreaming up stories, conducting sessions for her popular YouTube Series, Chai & Chill, or planning how to get even more books and bookish content to readers via BUZZ Magazine.

You can read more of her work at Aniesha’s Musings and drop a line at: [email protected] and drop a line at:[email protected]

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Happy Reading!

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  1. Though I am not a typical animal lover, still the plot of this book sounds interesting to me. after reading your review feeling curious what happen next? will try to check out this book for sure. thanks for sharing honest review.

  2. Aniesha you always writes really good stories. My niece is big fan of yours and she is animal lover too and I will recommend her to read this book.

  3. Wow.. Plot seems to be pretty interesting. If I believe in the story… I’ll follow the cat – (a regular visitor to my home with her two cute kittens ) tonight.

  4. As soon as I read talking animals, the book was already sold to me and I wanted to get it. Being an animal lover, this book will definitely be a fun read for me.

  5. Animals are said to be the best friends of human. And I have realised that feelings. Unfortunately my pet, my princy is no more with me, but I miss her everyday.

    This book is surely gonna be the best. Best wishes to author.

  6. I would love to read this book as I am also an animal lover. I have two dogs in my house – a Pekingese named Golu and a Shihtzu named Meebo. I can’t imagine a life without them in it.

  7. I love dogs and used to own some back in the day. The memories are unforgettable. Loved the plot of this book and will surely check it out. Light reads are always welcome especially in current pandemic times. Thank you for your detailed review.

  8. The book backyard tales seems like a great book for kids and your review is definitely helping me the get this book soon.

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