Top 5 credible News Accounts to follow on Helo to keep yourself updated

Top 5 credible News Accounts to follow on Helo to keep yourself updated

In this interconnected world, it has become a crucial thing for people to follow news and keep themselves updated, in order to lead. As they say, ‘read to lead’, it is quite necessary to know the trends and news, and you can do the same on the Helo India app. There are a number of news accounts that help the users with the same, and the best ones to follow for international news are:

1. editorji: This is one of the leading handles on the Helo app that brings all the current affairs and updates from across the world. ‘editorji’ is an English channel with all the communication in English. Over 73k followers use this account to keep themselves up to date and lead in the world.

2. editorji Hindi: This is the Hindi version of the above-mentioned news handle, with over 174k followers, nearing to over 100k more followers than its English handle.
The editorji Hindi shares news from across the world through videos and pictures, ranging from politics to entertainment.

3. pioneeralliance: With over 1.7k posts and 1.2k followers, this news account speaks of all the happenings, be it across the nation or abroad, through videos, pictures, backed with links and facts to verify the news.
The content shared ranges from astrology to international affairs, along with light-hearted news as well.

4. डाइनामाइट न्यूज: Not only this news account shares the top trending news from across the world, but it also gives a quick low down of the top 10 news of the day, to help people collect all the important news in one go.
This Helo account has over 42k followers and has made over 3.4k posts since its inception.

5. Asit Mandal: Not exactly a news account, this is an individual account of a journalist, who shares news on a regular basis. This Helo account has over 2.5k followers and over 11k posts since joining the Helo app.
Asit shares news from different areas, be it international news, politics, economy, stocks, entertainment, and much more.

The world needs more and more educated and well-initiated individuals to aid the development and the change begins at home, so let’s start today.

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  1. Every body is raving about this app Helo. I didn’t know it has news categories too. I have to download the app to stay updated. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    1. Yes Shreemayee – I like how along with entertainment it is also an app that can bring us useful news in a timely manner

  2. Helo is an amazing app. There’s so much to learn and have fun with this app. Thanks for sharing about these accounts and will follow them

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. Helo app is really good app. This is the newest live streaming app! This is a new platform for daily dose of entertainment. Great thoughts.

  4. Indeed tik tok is good platform to showcase talent, updated with latest trends and connect with like minded people.

  5. I usually use internet to keep myself updated… This app looks really good! Will download and follow the accounts!

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