As I gear up for a year of books & reading, I but naturally wanted to be part of a challenge that pushed me to read more & keeps me accountable & READING!

I am pretty thrilled to have signed up for my FIRST (of God Help me how many!) reading challenges for 2020!

So, here I am, Linking up for the #TBRCHALLENGE2020 with Shalzmojo & LifeofLeo.
Join us over on instagram & goodreads!

#TBRCHALLENGE2020 - A monthly book reading challenge for 2020

Here are the LIST Prompts for the
& a tentative book list :
(I may end up changing them, but, inspired by Shalini & Soumya, I am going to try to read from the books I already have & not buy new ones!)

1. A book from a genre you generally avoid.
Book: Magical Forest
Author: Ramanti Mitra
My Book Review Link:

2. A book that’s a part of a series.
Book: Arbitrate or Die
Series: The Exceptional S. Beaufont
Author: Sarah Noffke
My Book Review Link

3. A book you started but never finished.
Book: The Worst Daughter Ever
Author: Aarti V Raman
My Book Review Link:

4. A book by an author you have been meaning to read but haven’t dared to so far.
Book: How to become Rich – 12 Lessons I learnt from Vedic & Puranic Stories
Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
My Book Review Link:

5. A book written 100 years ago/Classic.
Book: To the Lighthouse
Author: Virginia Woolf
My Book Review:

6. A book picked up after reading a favorable review on a book blogger’s site or a recommendation from a book obsessed friend/relative.
Book: I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life
Author: Anne Bogel
Recommended by: Vinay Leo of https://abookwormsmusing.wordpress.com/
My Book Review Link:

7. A book set in the past or the future.

8. Re-read an old favorite.

9. A book to be read on a vacation or the plot is based around a holiday (could be a travelogue).

10. A free hit (choose any book you wish here).

11. A book that would be a foodies delight.

12. A book with the cover in your favorite color.
Book: How to be a Likeable Bigot
Author : Naomi Datta
Publisher: Penguin
My Book Review Link: https://icdreams.in/how-to-be-a-likeable-bigot/

13. A book with a love triangle.
(Need suggestions here too – this ain’t a theme I enjoy 🙁 )

14. WWI or WWII drama (could be a true story or fictional).
(need suggestions here!)

15. A book written by a famous personality (could be an autobiography/memoir or just fiction).
(probably the one Karan Johar wrote?!)

16. A book gifted to you.
From my secret santa in 2019 –
Book: The Village by the Sea
Author: Anita Desai
My Book Review Link:

17. A YA book.

18. A book based on mythology (Indian, Roman, Greek etc).
Book: The Shiva Sutras
Author: Ranjit Chaudhri
My Book Review Link:

19. A book that’s been on your shelf for more than 5 years.

20. An award winning book.

Bonus Prompts (Optional):

21. A self help book.
(probaby ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Power of Now’)

22. A book by an author whose name starts with the first letter as your name.

(Status: Looking for a book, recommend something? p.s. contemplating changing my initial to a more popular one! )

23. An Audiobook/e-book or a PDF read.

24. A crime fiction.
Book: Unleashed – A Sydnew Rye Mystery
Author: Emily Kimelman
My book Review Link:

I am hoping to get much more than 24 books read in 2020, but here I am starting of from these 24!

Here’s wishing everyone a WONDERFUL 2020 – A Blessed year full of laughter & books & time to pursue the things we enjoy!


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  1. OMG! I never came across any such challenge, looks quite interesting and you choose such nice books. I wish to participate in such a challenge maybe next year and all the best !

  2. This year i am not participating in any reading challenges. My only aim this year is to read books that i bought in 2019 and read without stress. But this challenge seems fun. Will spread a good word.

  3. This challenge looks fun for people who likes reading books. Will recommend to my friends this books too.

  4. This challenge seems so interesting and fun,All the best for these 24 books.Will recommend my friends who love to eat.

  5. I’ve never participated any reading challenges before. This looks great way to kick off the new year with this intriguing reads. Best wishes

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