Write Tribe Reading Challenge -2019

Write Tribe Reading Challenge -2019

Hello Hello!

Here I am writing about BOOKS again! I FOUND my Writing Challenge for 2019!
(dancing a gig in joy!)

It is my first time taking on a writing challenge, and who better to participate with than the first ever reading challenge by Write Tribe –https://writetribe.com/write-tribe-reading-challenge-2019

You too can join in the challenge, sign up and come over and join the book discussions over on the Write Tribe Group on GoodReads

Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019

The Challenge has 3 parts –

  1. Read a minimum of 24 books in 2019 ((Thank you Write Tribe for the push 🙂 ))
  2. 12 of these books need to be based on the list of (quite interesting & easy 😉 ) prompts
  3. Review a book every month on my blog (For a Reader & Writer – this is a perfect part of the challenge 🙂 )

The 24 Prompts –

(I am still a tad undecided on which books I will be reading for this challenge, so I will keep updating this post as the year progresses and I go along the challenge – Check back in for an updated post.
I’d love some recommendations on these prompts – drop me a message! or join the entire group of people doing this challenge over on Goodreads).

  1. 1.A book that is a Translation
  2. 2. A book written by a Female author
    – See my book selection & review here.
  3. 3. A book written by someone of a different nationality/color/ethnic group than you
  4. 4. A book from the Man Booker Prize long-list (any year)
  5. 5. A book from WWII time period
  6. 6. A retelling of your favorite fairytale/classic
  7. 7. A book featuring a hobby
  8. 8. A book with a name in the title
  9. 9. A book with orange cover
  10. 10. A book set in a country that you visited/want to visit
  11. 11. A book that was a gift
  12. 12. A book with an animal in the title/cover
  13. 13. A classic which you’ve never read
  14. 14. A book your mom loves
  15. 15. A book recommended by a celebrity
  16. 16. A book on crime-solving
  17. 17. A memoir
  18. 18. A book with four words in title
  19. 19. A book written by an author who is new to you
    for now the same as book selection for prompt 2.
  20. 20. A book which is a 2019 release
  21. 21. A book made into a movie
  22. 22. A book that has a mythical/imaginary creature
  23. 23. A book you bought just because of its cover/a book with a beautiful cover
  24. 24. A drama/poetry book

My SHELF on Goodreads.com for this challenge is: here

The Challenge also has Reading Levels – I am curious to see what level I reach this year!

  • 24 books – you’re a Book Lover   <——- For Sure!
  • 36 books – you’re a Book Worm
  • 48 books – you’re a Book Geek
  • 60 books and above – you’re a Book Nerd

Happy to be back to reading again, already onto my first 2 books and halfway through!

Yes, I read multiple books at time! What about you? Do you read one book at a time of different ones at the same time?



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  1. Wow ..This sounds an interesting and engaging challenge..I am sure I am going to get some great posts to read !!

  2. Having been brought up surrounded by books, I am a natural reader who used to read at the rate of 1 book a day at one time. Of course, other responsibilities have eventually tempered passion. All the best for the challenge.

  3. Please read the book I gifted you and may be you would find it good enough for reviewing! All the best! ❤️

  4. I am planning to be part of write tribe since last one year but I am not able to do it. In this challenge also I am way behind as 75% of 2019 is over and I can’t complete challenge now. Will try to be part of it next year.

  5. I love reading crime thriller. I would like to participate but reading 24 books is quite a big challenge for me. Hope I will manage my time and will participate for next year.

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