Episode 1 Review of ZEE5’s Parchhayee  

Looking for quality entertainment for an hour? Which pokes at your curiosity and tickles your desire to explore beautiful mountains?!

Then check out:

– Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond by ZEE5

A winter afternoon, sipping on a hot cup of tea, I felt rather courageous and decided to watch the latest trending show on ZEE5 and boy, am I delighted!

Courage you ask?
Well Yes, I am a tad (very) afraid of horror stories and especially the phenomenon of Ghosts.

While Science is still searching for a definitive answer and trying to find the logic in the concept, there are people who work as Ghostbusters (have you seen the movie by the same name? That was another entertainer!) and those who have embraced the ideas of ghosts and claim to work with them too!

I have always wondered if Ghosts are for real and I wanted to see what the renowned writer Ruskin Bond thinks of them – Does he humanise them or demonise them? Does he lean towards the occult or veer off into the comical? How does one of my favourite authors treat the subject of ghosts?

Onto some trivia – check out these 7 things you didn’t know about Ghosts here.

Read on for my experience of watching Episode 1 of the newly launched show – Parchhayee.


About Episode 1 – A GHOST IN THE GARDEN

Now, Ruskin Bond as we all know is unmatched when it comes to storytelling, especially those set in our beloved mountains. I cannot express my absolute delight at the visuals right at the start of the episode – first two minutes, and I tell you I re-lived some of my favourite mountain moments!

HATS OFF to the Cinematographer, who has captured the essence of a small mountain town & the intertwined lives of its inhabitants.

Also, ZEE5 has managed a coup with the star cast! Can you imagine watching the lovely Farida Jalal & the pretty Sarah-Jane Dias on the small screen of my phone!  (P.S. I love Farida Jalal, I feel she is the absolute quintessential Grandmother!)

This is one series you can watch along with your family! There was nothing macabre, bloody or overtly disturbing in its picturization.

Veteran director VK Prakash has managed to create suspense and fear WITHOUT RELYING on the obvious techniques of scary music, creaky sounds and scenes set in the dark! Just for that, kudos to him.

I am quite charmed by the following aspects of the Episode –

  • The Actors! The star cast is well selected and suited.
  • 80% of the movie is set during the day time – and still, it managed to pique my curiosity and yes, scare me too!
  • The opening scenes – oh those Blue mountain views!
  • The Script – I love when suspense is built interspersed with humor.

I really loved this Dialogue – “Police ki nakaamyabi, bhoot ki kamyaabi toh nahi ho sakti na behen!” – delivered in the irrepressible style of Farida Jalal (yea, I am a bit of a fan!)

  • The children add a delightful dimension
  • The little town is picturesque (I wish I lived in a place like this town)
  • Simple touches like the Sunlight filtering through the mountains, rooftops and the meandering mountain roads, and so many more.
  • And finally, that it addresses an important and ongoing issue (avoiding spoilers) and how the culprit is sometimes (always?) the least expected!

My Verdict?

Absolute Paisa Vasool! Totally worth the Premium membership I purchased & the 45 minutes I spent watching it during the day.

I am looking forward to the next episode in the series (& yes, I will watch this too during the day time)


According to what I have heard, each episode in this series will be based on a ghost Story written by Ruskin Bond – Each story has been hand-picked by the team! I am curious to see who they will cast next and how they will picturise it!

P.S. I loved the pom-pom cap which Ricky wears – did you like it too? Know where I can get one for myself? In Purple of course! 😊

In short, I highly recommend you watch Parchhayee on ZEE5, you will surely love it.


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  1. Zee5 is coming up with wonderful content..series based on Ruskin Bond stories would be a treat to watch..would definitely watch it

  2. Wow.. this seems to be a great ghost series. I am wondering how could I miss it .The content of ZEE5 team looks promising, looking forward to get a subscrption soon. thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. I have read Ruskin Bond ghost stories and love them those are not really scary but do give us goosebumps and more like surprise us so I am definitely going to watch the series

  4. I am not into ghost stories in general but parchayee sounds really interesting. I’m intrigued and would love to watch it. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. I’m a big fan of Ruskin Bond but am terrified of watching ghost stories. This one sounds promising and has a good star cast too. Will try and catch it on Zee 5.

  6. I am a scaredy-cat but going to catch my hubby and will definitely watch this with him. He will love it definitely.

  7. It seems to be an outstanding series. I haven’t watched it yet but will definitely start watching this series. Thank you for sharing this informative post.

  8. Wow this seems a great series to watch quite interesting. I would love to watch this soon. Thanks for bringing this

  9. Well, Ruskin Bond and his ghost stories… They are love! ❤ Farida Jalal is my favourite too… This looks like a must watch for me… And that dialogue “Police ki naakamiyabi…. ” Cracked me up! 😀

  10. Wow a show based on storytelling of Ruskin bond. I am a big fan and would love to watch this . Such shows are amazing with twist, suspense and a goodness of rich story. I love Zee5

  11. Wow it looks like interesting series. I love to watch such series. I am definitely watching this soon on Zee5.

  12. Sounds like an amazing show to watch for sure, thank you for sharing this amazing review, I am definitely downloading the app to know more about this show, thank you for sharing this amazing review

  13. I have seen this series big hoarding just outside the street and ever since it on my mind to watch it. Thanks for reminding to catch it on ZEE5, subscribing right away.

  14. Patrchayee seems like a power packed entertainment. I love reading Ruskin bond stories and the acting by Farida Jalal definitely make it a must watch on Zee5

  15. This movie looks interesting and fun. Ruskin bond is an amazing writer. Definitely going to watch this movie on zee5

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